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Picture of Eat roasted símores without being on a campsite

Eat roasted símores without being on a campsite

You shouldn't miss out on the experience of roasting símores just because of the often inclement weather, so a highlight of the menu at Flesh & Buns is toasting marshmallows at the table before assembling within two pieces of caramel biscuit.

Clubs and Bars

Winter terraces
Warm your cockles when it's cold out there...
izakaya (Japanese pubs)
(Yep, we had to look it up, too).


Our favourite London bakeries
Here's where to get your daily bread...
London's best jewellery shops
Who doesn't love a bit of bling?


Attractions and activities for Animal Lovers
There's plenty on offer in our guide
Places to spend a rainy day
Prepare for a British summer's day!

Things to Try

Yoga across a glass floor above the Thames

Achieve perfect relaxation. Unless you're scared of heights.
Watch Movies without the annoying adverts

Now you can have popcorn flicked at you in peace...
Visit the Horniman Walrus

Stuffed up, right nice
Eat Porridge and only Porridge

Where? At Porridge Cafť, of course!
Eat Pizza on a Double Decker

Head for the Crust Conductor!
Go to an auction

Like e-bay, without the feedback. Great Sotheby-er A+++
Try bone broth

It's the ramen staple that's taking the capital by storm
Walk through a garden in the sky

Surely that would make you a Sky(garden)walker. Awesome.
Look after your mind

... and... breathe...
Make the most of Soho

... before it's too late
Jeans that last forever

Nurse your favourite trews back to life
Speed dating in silence

A nice taster for marriage...
Three floors of pampering for guys and gals

Manis, pedis, waxin' barberin' and more...
Eat roasted símores without being on a campsite

Delicious treats without the bity insects
Recycle your clothes

Turn those old clothes... into new clothes!
Go to a free talk

Big names, big ideas... no charge