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Picture of Private members clubs you don't actually have to be a member of!

Private members clubs you don't actually have to be a member of!

If you want to steer clear of the riff-raff but don't want to be tied to the memberships of a handful of clubs, then take a look at these venues where you can just dip in and out.


Dinners before clubbing in Dalston
get your pre-clubbing grub(bing)

Clubs and Bars

Bars in tourist locations
Well worth a visit


Shops in touristy areas
These places are well worth a look
Eco friendly shops
It's not all hemp and recycled sandals


Victorian remains in London
London's chock-full of them
London's oldest attractions
Something for the history-buffs...

Things to Try

Eat gelato recommended by the UK tennis no 1 champ

Remeo & Gelato have ACED it! We LOVE it!
Pretend you're James Bond

Da-na na-naaaaaaaa
Eat at the UK's first Filipino restaurant

Will this become London's newest dining-craze?
Climb up the O2 Centre in the dark

Night-vision goggles aren't required
Luna Cinema

Luckily, we have excellent, reliable weather in Britain
Drink Spamaritas - that's margaritas with spam!

Is that two rights making an even bigger right?
Play on a Wii in your hotel room

Let's get on with a FIFA marathon
Visit A London Home That Hasnít Changed Since 1900!

Don't let Phil and Kirsty near this one
Play Moby Dick Themed Crazy Golf in Romford

What's crazier than crazy golf? Nothing, so try this course.
Yet Another Crazy Golf Bar has Opened Ė Itís Plonk and it Tees Off in Dalston

Now you don't have to travel to Hastings for crazy golf, and that can only be a good thing.
Make the Brunch Bottomless

Unlimited Prosecco for £15 with brunch, what could go wrong?

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