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All In London's guide to the best of the city & things you shouldn't miss

Picture of The Highest Yoga Class in London
The Highest Yoga Class in London

Spirituality, enlightenment, relaxation… if yoga is about all those things then The View from The Shard might be the perfect place to practice – and now you can! Breath in... and out... but don't look down!


American BBQ
Well, slap my thigh and call me Gutsy...

Most beautiful restaurants
We list London's most beautiful restaurants

Clubs and Bars

Beautiful people
Let us show you where the beautiful ones go... and work...

London's great literary pubs
Tread in the steps of greatness


Our favourite London bakeries
Here's where to get your daily bread...

London's best jewellery shops
Who doesn't love a bit of bling?


London's best gig venues
Here are our top choices for gigs and concerts...

Things to Try

Food from all over the world under one roof

Things are about to get... global

Dance until 10 in the morning

Power through 'til dawn

See the world’s greatest illustrations

Be inspired by illustrations

Make your own wedding rings

Only useful if you're getting married, of course

Sip from a Kate Moss-shaped glass

Up close and VERY personal

Dine in classic Viennese style

Beats tea in a plastic cup and a doughnut

Play Crazy Golf in a Bar

Say it loud and proud: I'm a swinger!

Shrimp by the bucket

Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried... there's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp...

Join the London Medical Orchestra

Oddly, you don't need to be a doctor or a musician to join

A food market for the whole family

Cooking demos, a play area and lots and lots and lots of good food

Pay-per-minute for your coffee and cake

Everything's free! ... but it costs you... eh?!

Board Game your night away

... head to the Draughts Board Game Cafe

Eat wieners

Hot sausage action

Get away from the vertical city at Hollow Ponds

There's trees and nowt much else!

Visit a Gin Palace

Relive the glory days of Victoriana

Visit the Haggerston Riviera

Have you visited yet?