London's Best Best Lists

Most sites do best lists, but these are the best of the best lists

Picture of Pretend you’re on the Orient Express

Pretend you’re on the Orient Express

If you can’t afford the fare (which is currently £710 for a one-way ticket to Paris) fear not, as you can just about experience similar luxury at Bob Bob Ricard, a quirky Soho restaurant.


Budget restaurants
Great eats, on the cheap...
Pop-ups to permanent
Some pop-ups are so good, they stay up.

Clubs and Bars

Winter terraces
Warm your cockles when it's cold out there...
izakaya (Japanese pubs)
(Yep, we had to look it up, too).


Perfume shops
Purveyors of the best scents in town
Our favourite London bakeries
Here's where to get your daily bread...


Attractions and activities for Animal Lovers
There's plenty on offer in our guide
Places to spend a rainy day
Prepare for a British summer's day!

Things to Try

Visit Bedlam

Times have changed
Pretend you’re on the Orient Express

The same luxury, without the pricetag
Flex your mental muscle

It's time to philosphize
Get high, old school-style

Nothing to be sneezed at... although you might
Get into Turkish food

More than just kebabs...
Take The Friends Quiz

The One Where They Know All The Answers
Have tea and cake with William Morris

Terribly civilised, you know
A Farmer’s Market with a view

Great view, great food, great day out
Eat at London’s only freegan café

Food on a pay-what-you-feel basis
Get behind the scenes at the National Theatre

Get a bird's-eye view of the action
Visit an anarchist bookshop

It's right-on. Man.
Sniff the world’s rarest scents

Welcome to a world of wonderful wiffs
Yoga across a glass floor above the Thames

Achieve perfect relaxation. Unless you're scared of heights.
Watch Movies without the annoying adverts

Now you can have popcorn flicked at you in peace...
Visit the Horniman Walrus

Stuffed up, right nice
Eat Porridge and only Porridge

Where? At Porridge Café, of course!
Eat Pizza on a Double Decker

Head for the Crust Conductor!