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2011 begins in Celebville

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Posted by Celebs In The City on Monday 3rd of January 2011

Most of us won’t be going back to work until tomorrow but the Entertainment world waits for no man… Oh no, since 2011 kicked off, the (rich and) famous have been embracing their new beginnings just as they should. Which is great for us, because frankly it’s been a little dull over the holidays with everyone jetting off to Barbados etc (Gary Barlow, Simon Cowell, Holly Valance – I mean you).

First off, came some lovely news from Piers Morgan (out of all people). Putting aside his never-ending twitter argument with Sir Alan Sugar, Piers tweeted (after a long, drawn-out, hour-long boast that he had big news), “OK - Amanda Holden's pregnant”. The announcement was quickly followed by a tweet from the mum-to-be herself saying, “Just to let you know. I am 6 months pregnant with a baby boy!! Have had to keep it quiet until now”.
Obviously this is great news for Amanda and her husband Chris Hughes, who sadly secretly lost a baby last summer. And the lady herself celebrated her happy news while she trended worldwide on Twitter (trending is a big deal these days, you know), leaving Piers to ask the very valid question… “How the hell did someone so indiscreet keep that a secret so long?” Congratulations Amanda.

Then comes the thing I’m most excited by (don’t laugh, it IS exciting). The Inbetweeners (modern comedy gold, if you didn’t watch it on E4/C4, go out right now and buy the box set) movie has started filming. And the likes of Simon Bird, Joe Thomas and co’ will once again be getting into their brilliant characters at varied locations to bring us many laughs. Hurrah, we all cry. But news of one such filming location has broken and it is… wait for it… in Infernos, Clapham. OH YES!
“Did we mention that THE INBETWEENERS movie will be shooting a scene in the Infernos booths upstairs,” an Infernos insider tweeted on New Year’s Day. No, you didn’t dear, but you have now and by goodness, you’ve made South London very happy. Hands up who’ll be hanging out waiting to be cast as an extra?

Oh yes and apparently Katie Waissel/Vogel/whateverhernameis is wasting no time in keeping her fans happy. The X Factor reject took to the stage on Saturday night at G-A-Y and gave the crowd exactly what they wanted (if what they wanted was a pair of over the knee black leather boots and some lacy tights). I reckon her grandmother would have been proud. She also sang a bit - but these days, that’s not really that important is it?

And finally, I’d like to pay tribute to the wonderful Oscar-nominated actor, Pete Postlethwaite, who peacefully passed away in hospital yesterday. The 64-year-old , who has starred in the likes of The Omen, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Romeo And Juliet, The Usual Suspects, Criminal Justice and most recently, Inception, had been receiving treatment for cancer. Hollywood director Steven Spielberg even described him as, "the best actor in the world". He certainly was a legend and will be missed.
Stars have been paying their respects over Twitter this morning, here are a few of them:

Elizabeth Hurley:
"Very sad news re Pete Postlethwaite-I worked with him and he was a fantastic actor and a great guy..."

Stephen Fry:
"The loss of the great Pete Postlethwaite is a very sad way to begin a year."

Blake Harrison:
"Horrible news about Pete Postlethwaite . Brilliant actor involved in some amazing films, he will be sadly missed."

Gabby Logan:
"I can't believe Pete Postlethwaite has died. He's one of those actors you imagine would be around for a long time. Very sad news."

James Corden:
"Such sad news about Pete Postlethwaite what an actor and gentleman he was."

Edith Bowman:
"The loss of the great Pete Postlethwaite is a very sad way to begin a year."

Peter Serafinowicz:
"RIP Pete Postlethwaite. I worked with him last year, a class act and a lovely guy."

Chris Moyles:
"Just heard the sad news that Pete Postlethwaite has died. I never met him but loved his acting. He was a Great British Actor."


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