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London 2012: Tom Daly bares (almost) all!

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Posted by Celebs In The City on Thursday 23rd of August 2012

If you thought you couldn't get enough of our GREAT British diver Tom Daly during the London 2012 Olympic Games, then you'll be pleased to see celebrity magazine heat have swapped their usual z-list faces for a sportsman worth the spot!

The medal-winning Olympian bares his tanned body in the shoot, which also sees him modelling Clark Kent-style glasses (although we still know it's you, Tom) and a huge Union Jack bath towel.

Speaking to the magazine, Tom joked, "I knew I'd made it when I was Heat's 'Torso of the Week'.

"I'm just so happy that I realised my dream to get an Olympic medal."

Bless him! And is it wrong that we want to ogle? We really, really want to ogle.

Tom's full interview can be seen in this week's heat ( magazine, on sale now.


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