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200 York Way, King's Cross, London

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"One of the last London superclubs has lost its momentum"

All In London Rating: 7 / 10
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Added Tue 07 Jul 2009 - Reviewed by Leila

Reviewing a nightclub is always a hard task; some nights can be akin to religious experiences whilst others you wish you’d stayed at home with a cup of tea. The DJ, the crowd, and the promoter all have their parts to play.

Egg has hosted some amazing nights, however despite having had huge names on the bill such as Techno God Carl Craig, New York legend Timmy Regisford, and the UK’s very own X-Press 2, Egg seems to have lost some of its momentum of late, turning towards Ibizan sounds with nights like Amnesia and Space. Perhaps the extortionate door fee (usually around £15) has a part to play, as in the current recession people are turning away from the super clubs and towards more intimate venues with lower charges.

In terms of layout, Egg really comes into its own in the summer months, when DJ’s play outdoors in the courtyard. There’s something rather magical about dancing outside as the sun comes up in the early morning. Back indoors there are two dancefloors, each with a bar, the main room being downstairs. The sound system is good but is by no means one of the best in London.

Staying open well into the mid morning is another selling point, with after hours parties like Breakfast going on until 1pm.

Egg is not a friendly club. Groups of young men have been rather aggressively turned away at the door, as the bouncers suspected they might cause trouble without a female presence. Expect a very thorough bag/body search and bouncers parading throughout the club with flashlights.

Though having opened far more recently, Egg is one of the last London superclubs along with Fabric and Ministry of Sound, and many people often go along purely for this reason. If you’re after a more laidback, intelligent, all-about-the-music-venue, then you might want to go somewhere else.

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