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25-27 Kingsland Road, Bethnal Green, London

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"Just another Shoreditch venue?"

All In London Rating: 8 / 10
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Added Fri 22 Jul 2011 - Reviewed by Leila

Clubs and bars are ten-a-penny in Shoreditch nowadays, so what makes Basing House stand out amongst the rest? It’s not the exposed brickwork at this pub-turned-warehouse, or the Funktion 1 sound system that has become a prerequisite for anyone wanting to host a party. Nor is it the Kingsland Road location, within close proximity of a dozen other trendy bars/clubs. What does set it apart is its intimate capacity for 300 people, its dark, dingy environment designed for dancing (not posing), and interesting line ups that combine up-and-coming talent and emerging label nights with more established DJs. Past guests have included Kenny Larkin, Azari and III and Geddes, in other words DJs whose talents have garnered them a faithful following, if not necessarily mainstream fame. The music on offer is always electronic, but within that you’ll find disco, deep house, nosebleed techno and more. The crowd depends on the night, there’s a mixture of Shoreditch regulars looking for a party and those who’ve turned up specifically for the DJs playing.

As well as the main room, there is a roof terrace with plenty of seating for smokers, plus a large umbrella that shelters from the inevitable rain. Admission fees vary depending on the night, but some events are free until a certain time or only a fiver, best to check before you go. Open on Fridays and Saturdays only, the partying goes on till 4 am.

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