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The Hunter S, 194 Southgate Road, Dalston, London

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"The Hunter S"

All In London Rating: 8 / 10
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Added Wed 15 Aug 2012 - Reviewed by T.A.O

As themed bars go, Hunter S on Southgate Road is fairly muted in its adoration of its subject. And this is a good thing. No hood-down Cadillac, no White Rabbit on repeat and definitely not a shot gun in sight.

Basing your bar on the legendary Hunter S. Thompson is sure to be a winner, right? A man known for his appreciation of alcohol and Ďall sortsí is bound to provide ample inspiration for a Dalston bar. The Hunter S dangles the homage gently. Beyond his bespectacled image and a pair of pistols printed on the sign, the look is more Americana than strict Hunter S. Stuffed animals, a grand chandelier that dimly down lights and an array of comfortable furniture that turns its many corners into their own little lounge areas. Large in size, the whole thing is tastefully designed - and it stays open late.

Back onto the Hunter theme though, and there is no particular pride of place afforded to the rum of his diaries or the whisky he so liked. Let me not be misunderstood, there are plenty of fine spirits but itís the beers that make for enlightened drinking. Youíll find Sierra Nevada, Canadian Moosehead lager, Brooklyn Lager and a bunch of other premium imports.

The Hunter S has a reputation for good Sunday roasts and for the rest of the week itís all about burgers, Scotch eggs and fish and chips.

So for anybody who heard about the Hunter S. and gave a little shudder, just relax. Itís just a lovely neighbourhood pub with a few oddities slipped in for good measure - just wait for the pornographic prints in the menís toiletsÖ

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