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182 St. John Street, The City, London

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1/10 from 1 user review
Address:182 St. John Street
The City

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Venue Type:Bars

Region:The City

Nearest Station:Barbican

Telephone: 0207 490 8772

About: Darbucka World Music Bar is a popular restaurant and bar serving authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in a unique Bedouin tent-like interior. There is live world music and dancers on Friday nights and other events throughout the week. Choose from the carefully selected and freshly prepared Syrian meze menu, a full range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including cocktails and smoothies, and of course shisha pipes.


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User Rating: 1 / 10
Saam Hodivala
Added: Feb 2011

This place is a complete joke, unfortunately it's not a very funny one.

Group of 16 of us, all we wanted was some simple food and a few drinks. Well the food is certainly simple enough, i wouldn't be surprised if the people leaving glowing reviews about it below are employees.

After getting our distinctly average starters within 15 minutes, we then proceeded to wait AN HOUR AND A HALF for our main courses. Within that time we asked repeatedly how much longer our food was going to be, to be told each time that it would only be another ten minutes.

It got to a boiling point with a few of us attempting to speak to the manager and stating that we had had enough and we were leaving, I offered him the more than generous compromise of us giving them 10 a head for our starters (instead of the 25 a head it was supposed to be for the full meal) but he laughed at me and said no....funnily enough our food arrived at exactly that moment.

Regardless, we all gathered our belongings and went upstairs to leave, only to be STOPPED FROM LEAVING THE PREMISES by the doormen!! It all started getting quite heated at this point, i have never in my life been actually held to ransom in a restaurant before!!

We continued our heated discussions with the staff and manager (who had absolutely no time whatsoever for our side of the story, as far as he was concerned we were just trying to get away without paying.....even though we still hadn't touched the main courses that were bought out) and eventually we just collected the 10 i had suggested a good half hour earlier, left it on the counter and walked out.

The singularly most terrible dining experience i have ever had.


Name: Saam Hodivala
Location: London

Added on Sat 19 Feb 2011 at 21:28:19
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