Cellar Door

Zero Aldwych, Covent Garden, London

Teeny tiny venue with a huge heart...

Address:Zero Aldwych
Covent Garden
Map:Map & nearby
Venue Type:Bars
Region:Covent Garden
Nearest Station:Charing Cross
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About: Intimate bar beneath the Aldwych - imagine 1930s Berlin meets New York basement dive! The bar boasts the sexiest toilets in London!!

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Cocktails where you wonít be foundÖ

A secret underground basement bar which serves up truly mint cocktails
Get high, old school-style

Nothing to be sneezed at... although you might

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Stand easy at London's best Speak-easies
How do you know itís there? Easy, follow the arrow at street level that points downwards like bright neon love. The sultry basement presents seedy drag, burlesque and lounge acts that give you that feeling of being up to no good.

Cheeky! London's best burlesque shows
The staircase on the Strand doesnít look like much but when you head below ground, the world of CellarDoor is an intoxicating one. Styled like a Berlin cabaret bar by way of New York, youíll find live burlesque, drag and cabaret most nights of the week. Shows are mostly free and the Tuesday night open mic is particularly worth a visit.

The West End's top bars and clubs
Blink and youíll miss the subterranean fun on offer at Cellar Door. Reachable via a staircase in Aldwych, this basement bar/club features cabaret, burlesque and live music nights that offer something a little different from the usual West End evening out.

Toilets with pazazz!
Cellar Door is another London venue that got its big break as a public toilet. However, it left that ugly stain on its resume behind years agoÖ didnít it? Or not. Having transformed itself into a dapper subterranean cabaret club in Aldwych it only went and put in some incredible toilets to remind us of where it all began. These ones are nifty. The clear glass door will scare a few would-be toilet breakers but once locked, the glass will soon frost over and leave you with a misty mask behind which to do your thang. Just donít forget to lock.

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