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Picture of Go shopping with Brixtonís very own currency
Go shopping with Brixtonís very own currency

Brixton Market has exploded into one of Londonís most popular foodie areas, and with gentrification always comes the threat of chains arriving and taking over from small businesses - which is why there's a currency that can only be used in Brixton...

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FREE COFFEE for any set lunch menu

From:  Caffeina
Starts:    May 27, 2014
Until:    December 31, 2014

£15 on all Body Piercings

From:  Grace Tattoo, Piercing & Tattoo Removal Services
Starts:    July 15, 2014
Until:    December 25, 2014

Kennel Cough Promotion

From:  Norbury Pet Health Centre
Starts:    August 1, 2014
Until:    August 1, 2015

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