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Picture of Our favourite London bakeries

Our favourite London bakeries

The humble loaf is possibly the most versatile and popular item in our weekly grocery baskets. So don't opt for the spongey, wet, steamed nonsense you get from supermarkets - go and see someone who knows what they're doing...

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London Shopping Offers

10% Off Brazilian Blow-Dry
At: Kay and Kompany
Starts:    January 30, 2015
Until:    June 18, 2015
5 Course Meal For £10.00
At: Royal Tandoori
Starts:    January 1, 2014
Until:    January 1, 2016
Professional Tooth Whitening £295
At: Keep Smiling Dental Practice
Starts:    June 1, 2014
Until:    June 1, 2015

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