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Picture of Pay-per-minute for your coffee and cake

Pay-per-minute for your coffee and cake

At Ziferblat, you are entering an IRL social network experience and everything in the Old Street space is free. The only catch is that on entering the building you will be charged 5p per minute for being there.

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London Shopping Offers

Lunch Time Thali Special
At: Spice Shack
Starts:    October 31, 2014
Until:    December 31, 2015
10% off car and vehicle transponder chipped keys
At: V & P Fox Locksmiths
Starts:    January 1, 2015
Until:    June 1, 2015
15% off ALL services when you quote 'allinlondon'
At: Smooth You
Starts:    August 7, 2014
Until:    August 7, 2018

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