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Food & Drink near to Walthamstow Central Tube Station

Food & Drink shops close to Walthamstow Central Tube Station

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Bakers Shops
Fluffy's Bakery
787 Lea Bridge Road

High Street

Nice 'N' Nuff Bakery
133 Wood Street

Percy Ingle
251 High Street

Percy Ingle
21 Wood Street

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Boi Na Brasa
40 Hoe Street

East London Sausage Co
57 Orford Road

156 Wood Street

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Brads Coffee Bar
80 St. Mary Road

Le Delice
114 Hoe Street

Tommy's Cafe
801 Lea Bridge Road

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Cafes, Snack Shops & Tea Rooms
635 Forest Road

Art Cafe
320 Hoe Street

Bom Pecado
863 Lea Bridge Road

Bygga Bo
8 Chingford Road

Cafe Bonito
162A Wood Street

Cafe Des Stars
146 Hoe Street

Cafe Molina
267 Hoe Street

Caffe Delight
30 Wood Street

Caffe Di Napoli
58 Wood Street

Casa 95
Wood Street

Central Cafe
Selborne Road

Coffee & Cream's
637 Forest Road

Coffee Rouge
350 Hoe Street

212 High Street

Corner Coffee Shop
867 Forest Road

Daddy's Cafe
58 Wood Street

Daisy's Coffee & Gifts
176 Hoe Street

Deli Cafe
69 Orford Road

623 Forest Road

Forest Cafe
100 Hoe Street

Giga Cafe
63 Hoe Street

Golden Cafe
228 Hoe Street

Golden Medal
117 Wood Street

Grove Cafe
12-15 Hatherley Mews

Hi Ha Cariba Cafe
98-108 Wood Street

249 Hoe Street

Ki Delicia
40 Hoe Street

L'Hirondelle Coffee Shop
160 Hoe Street

L'hirondelle Coffee Shop
160 Hoe Street

Lambs Cafe
891 Lea Bridge Road

Lot 107
107 Wood Street

Meds Cafe
267 Hoe Street

Monoux 2 Coffee House
99 Billet Road

Moonlight Cafe
143 Wood Street

Sun On Cafe
229 High Street

Tasilli Restaurant
134 Hoe Street

The Old Station Yard Cafe
186 Wood Street

The Village Bakery
71 Orford Road

Tommy's Tuc Inn Cafe
422 Forest Road

Woodside Cafe
30 Wood Street

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Cake Makers & Decorators
Cake Box
138 Hoe Street

Cake Shop
106 Hoe Street

Scrolls & Shells
98-108 Wood Street

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Convenience Stores
Abina Supermarket
132 Hoe Street

Berket Mini Market
12 Chingford Road

Co-Op Welcome
164-166 Wood Street

Convenience Store
160 Wood Street

Day 1
91 Wood Street

Food & News
Selborne Road

Food & News
Selborne Road

Food & Wine
845 Forest Road

Food & Wine
168 Hoe Street

Forest Supermarket
364 Forest Road

Foster Supermarket
244 Hoe Street

Hega Ltd
795 Forest Road

Ikiukas LT
Hoe Street

Kos Inter Continental Mini Market
5 Central Parade

298 Forest Road

Murugan Store
168 Hoe Street

Ozzy's Wine
583 Forest Road

Sahan Market
791-793 Lea Bridge Road

Sal Supermarket
766 Lea Bridge Road

Save Spot
256 Wood Street

24-26 Orford Road

Twins Express
120 Hoe Street

Uncle's Mini Market
871 Lea Bridge Road

Vel Supermarket
4 Central Parade

Wood Street Food & Wine
241 Wood Street

Wood Street Supermarket
173 Wood Street

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116 Hoe Street

Golden Rustic Deli
228 Hoe Street

La Dumitrescu
141 Wood Street

Magazin Romanesco
180 Hoe Street

Magyar Bolt
164 Hoe Street

66 Wood Street

242 Hoe Street

169 Hoe Street

Polski Sklep
2B Chingford Road

Polski Sklep Marylka
191 Wood Street

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Farmers Markets
Walthamstow Farmers' Market
Selbourne Walk off High Street

Walthamstow Farmers' Market
Selbourne Walk off High Street

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Fast Food Delivery
Chick 'N' Pizz
48 Wood Street

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Fast Food Takeaway
Al Hamzah Kebabish
34 Wood Street

Angara Grill
228 High Street

Balti Raj
215 Wood Street

Best Charcoal Grill
12 Hoe Street

High Street

Captains Fish Bar
230 High Street

Central Chick Cottage
230 Hoe Street

Chakwal Kebabish
226 Hoe Street

Charcoal Grill
155 Wood Street

Chick Inn
247 Hoe Street

Chicken Express
130 Chingford Road

Dixy Chicken
48 Wood Street

Dragon Inn
57 Hoe Street

Flava Grill
801 Lea Bridge Road

Food Village
310 Hoe Street

444 Forest Road

Golden Dragon
Wood Street

Golden Fried Chicken
127 Wood Street

Gozde Kebab
Wood Street

Hamburger Grill
201 High Street

12 Hoe Street

High St. Kebabish
192 High Street

Wood Street

Jungle Braai
115 Wood Street

Khyber Balti House
239 Wood Street

Lucky Star
64 Hoe Street

McDonald's Restaurant
260 Hoe Street

New Mandarin
65 Orford Road

Ocean Fish Bar
762 Lea Bridge Road

Papa's Grill
200 High Street

Perfect Chicken
879 Lea Bridge Road

Peri Grill & Pizza
96 Hoe Street

Pinar Kebab
88 Hoe Street

22 Hoe Street

Roosters Spot
200 High Street

Shun Lung
20 Hoe Street

Tabaq Chicken & Pizza
10 Hoe Street

Taste of Grill
226 Hoe Street

Tasty Chicken 'N' Pizza
122 Hoe Street

Top Chicken
286-286B Hoe Street

Tropical Spice
797 Forest Road

Village Food Court
234 Hoe Street

42 Wood Street

Wood St. Grill & Chicken
167B Wood Street

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Fish & Chip Shops
Five Star Fish Bar
442 Forest Road

Golden Marianna
851 Forest Road

617A Forest Road

The Brothers Fish Bar
122 Wood Street

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Fresh Catch Fish
239 High Street

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Greengrocers & Fruitsellers
Forest Road Supermarket
839 Forest Road

50 Wood Street

Veg Hut
2B Chingford Road

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Akdeniz Gida Pazari
147-149 Hoe Street

334 Hoe Street

162 Hoe Street

Aryubi Express
81 Hoe Street

Bayer Food Centre
157-159 Wood Street

Best Supermarket
135 Chingford Road

26 Hoe Street

Diana Supermarket
485 Forest Road

ESNA Food & Wine
353 Forest Road

Forest Mini Market
629 Forest Road

Kenilworth Arms
150 Chingford Road

Maghres Food Store
222 Hoe Street

Manzoor Food Stores
259 Hoe Street

Mercy International
125 Wood Street

Metro Express
26 Hoe Street

Moonlight Food & Wine
15 Hoe Street

Orford Road Supermarket
29 Orford Road

Pas Virginija
251 Hoe Street

S & A Groceries
High Street

81 Hoe Street

Sklep Czarek
191 Wood Street

Super Grows
54-56 Wood Street

Super Grows Foods
235 High Street

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Halal Butchers
East London Halal Meat
214 High Street

45 Wood Street

233 High Street

32 Wood Street

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Ice Cream Parlours
589 Forest Road

Fresh 'A' Licious
152B Hoe Street

Istanbul Dessert Parlour
154-154A Hoe Street

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Indian Takeaway
Tandoori Night
215 Wood Street

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Buy & Save
253-255 High Street

77-79 Grove Road

Hulya Supermarket
90-92 Wood Street

Metro Food Centre
15 Wood Street

Tesco Express
727A Lea Bridge Road

Tesco Express
Selborne Road

Tesco Express
617B Forest Road

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Take Away Food Shops
B B Q Grill
230 Hoe Street

Forest Charcoal Grill
799 Forest Road

Fu Lam
215 Forest Road

N.S Halal Food
52B High Street

New Hing Loon
158 Wood Street

Pizza Go Go
288 Hoe Street

Southern Fried Chicken
62 Hoe Street

214 Hoe Street

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Wine Merchants
Central Wine
239 Hoe Street

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Wines, Spirits & Beers
Bargain Booze
112 Hoe Street

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