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About: The stars were out in force in Leicester Square on 15th August to see the third installment of the Jason Bourne series, The Bourne Ultimatum. The premiere was attended by Matt Damon, Neve Campbell and many more. Unfortunately the British weather still did its best to dampen everyone's spirits when the skies opened as some of the stars arrived and the celebrities were forces to reach for the umbrellas. Stars that attended the premiere included: Matt Damon and his guest, director Paul Greengrass, Julia Stiles, Stephen Fry, Rachel Stevens, Kimberly Stewart, Helena Christensen, James Nesbitt, Neve Campbell, Paddy Considine and Joan Allen.

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Julia poses with her two co-stars for photographersMatt poses with fans for some photosMatt poses for photos with a guestThe US socialite attends the premiereThe US music star arrives at the premiereThe pop star poses for the crowds and photographersJames Nesbitt poses for photos with his guest at the premiereThe British comedian and writer poses alongside Rachel StevensThe danish model and photographer poses for the papsNeve avoids the rain to pose for picturesThe British director arrives at the premiere with a guestThe British star poses for the cameras with his guest.The Bourne Ultimatum star spent a lot of time with the crowdsMargo poses for the camerasThe US actress poses for shots for photographers

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