Picture of Katie Waissel, ITV Studios, Southbank


AIL says: "The ex-X Factor singer (tricky to say, that) poses for the cameras"

Picture provided by David Thompson

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Ross calls into the ITV studios.Very little in the way of skirt there Brigitte.Ehh? Whaaa'? Surely yoghurt has got a higher IQ. Even the Muller ones - and they're really thick.Here's Jim. In a green tie. Haven't got much to say about Jim really. How's panto?Is he really leary? We just don't know.She seems smart.Patsy loos like she's in a rush. Probably an emergency in Holby...What, she's a rock chick now? And where did all that hair come from?Don braves the Bristish weatherKerry poses for the cameras, wtf is she wearing?Patsy looks surprised to see us... or is that a facelift?James trying hard to look like he's not seen the camera, not a bad effort really.Trevor Eve at the ITV StudiosP Pappa Diddy Pop refuses to acknowledge how unnecessary sunglasses are in Britain in January... and why's he wearing my Auntie Margaret's coatThe ex-X Factor singer (tricky to say, that) poses for the camerasWinona braves the cold on a visit to London

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