Picture of Simon Pegg: MI4 Premiere


AIL says: "Simon at the premiere."

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Tom and co-stars pose for the cameras.Over 1000 fans were rushed to hospital complaining of blindness after Tom busted out the dazzling pearly whites. Awesome.Tom, I'll only ask one more time, will you sign this blinkin' book for ebay?Paula vogues on the red carpet.Simon at the premiere.A little-known fact: Tom Cruise's jaw is so square that it's actually used by Findus as a template for beefburger boxes. Yep, store that one away... it'll be in a pub-quiz.Simon and his wife really get in the way of a lovely shot of a BMW 5 Series. Can you move please, guys?Lea looks positively giddy at being on the red carpet for one of the year's biggest films.Gillian on the red carpet. You can't really tell that she's on the red carpet though as it's a close up. So, just a picture of Gillian's head, then.If Val Kilmer and Freddy Flintoff had a child, this would be him. That's unlikely to happen though.Newcomer Paula smiles for the cameras. Not awful-looking, is she?Dicky and his missus take to the red carpet.Lea Seydoux works the MI4 Red Carpet. Lucky carpet.Just because it's 2 degrees outside, that's absolutely no reason for Caprice to cover up. You go, girl.Gillian smiles for the cameras at the premiereHuge crowds gather at the BFI IMAX in LondonTh cast of Tintin smile for a photoPegg poses for shots with the public.The British funnyman leaves the ITV Studios. Doesn't look that funny today though. Actually kinda looks like he wants to strangle someone. We're sure he won't though. Well, 80% sure. 65%?Funny, on occasion, Pegg might be... but he dun'aff look a dork todayPegg mingles with the little peopleShould've gone to Specsavers SimonSimon and his unfeasibly wide face attend the awardsSimon Pegg's side-kick shows up at the awards. My girlfriend met him at Glastonbury a few years ago and apparently he's a bit of a berk [Ed.]From Hot Fuzz to Face FuzzSimon and David speaking to the crowds at the Run Fat Boy Run PremiereSimon speaking to the crowds at the Run Fat Boy Run PremiereSimon arriving at the Premiere in Leicester Square

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