Picture of George Clooney, Leatherheads Premiere in Leicester Square


AIL says: "George Clooney signs autographs for fans at the Premiere"

Picture provided by AIL Staff

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The British George Clooney steps out into the sunshineGeorge surrounded by fans and security at the Leatherheads London PremiereTinker off of Lovejoy gives a wave to the crowds. Not a manly wave, but a wave nonetheless.George Clooney signs autographs for fans at the PremiereThe entire Jessops product line capturing snaps of Mr ClooneyGeorge signs what looks like a bootleg DVDClaire King attends the premiereThe political journalist turns up to the event. Why?Oi Clooney! Zellweger! Get a room!Renee looks over her shoulder posing for the cameras in Leciester SquareGeorge checks that his wallet hasn't been stolen, it is Leicester Square after all!The US actress attends the premiere alongside co-star George ClonneyGeorge turns up to the delight of the crowd ahead of the premiere

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