Picture of Gwyneth Paltrow, Iron Man Premiere in Leicester Square


AIL says: "Gwyneth tries hard to look interested."

Picture provided by DJ Paparazzi

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Gwyneth breaks into tap for the gathered fans.Gwyneth makes her way into the cinema for the Premiere.Gwyneth tries hard to look interested.Funny, on occasion, Pegg might be... but he dun'aff look a dork todayGwyneth and her minder clearly watched different weather forecasts.Pegg mingles with the little peopleGwyneth signs autographs for the fans in Leicester Square.The British comedian signs for fans on the red carpetTHe US actor gives a snarl for the crowdsRDJ shows the crowd what he thinks of their welcomeTerence struggles to sign autographs with the pen the wrong way around as a member of the crowd makes a grab for his dashing tie and hanky set.Apparently Terence thought that this red carpet event was taking place in the 70s. Looking fly Tegs. Nice threads.Martin takes the opportunity to tell reporters on the red carpet about the great deals available on quality leather couches and sofas at SCS. Get down there today!Frank and guest walk up the red carpet, he's done well there, all things considered.Man of a thousand voices... but just the one face. Nevermind.Frank arrives at the Leicester Square event.The promoters of the premiere wheel out the 1980s Dr Who/ Tristan Farnon. Score!Al waiting for an opportunity to knock out the fruit based drink for the ladies joke.

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