Picture of Rain, Speed Racer London Premiere in Leicester Square


AIL says: "The actor smiles for the crowds"

Picture provided by AIL Staff

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The British director shelters from the rain beneath an umbrellaRain... in the rain.The actor smiles for the crowdsSir Ian makes a dash for the cinema to escape the rainThe British actor attends the premiereTamara attends the premiereTamara: all fake-tan and jubbliesNice to see the film's producer in such a confident and eccentric suitThe US producer shelters under a brollyBig John gives our paparazzo a menacing look... probably because he just called him 'Big John'The actress attends the premiereThe US actress shelters from the British weatherTina shelters from the rain using an umbrella and a pair of 70's curtains.S-Clubber Tina shows that there ain't no party like... one that you turn up to for free drinksThe Speed Racer star poses for the camerasAre they big spot sof rain or is Emile in need of some Head and Shoulders?The US actor smiles for the camerasChristina shelters under a brolly from the rainChristina manages to shelter from the London weather at the premiereThe US actress smiles for the camerasThe film's star avoids the rain to attend the premiereDavid tries to avoid the rain as he heads inside the cinemaThe British star brave the cold and rain to attend the premiereNeve avoids the rain to pose for picturesThe english actress stays cheery in spite of the rain at the premiereThe presenter was waiting to do a TV link under his umbrella in the rainThe MTV presenter was doing a link to the camera in the rain before the stars arrived

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