Picture of Ben Stiller, Tropic Thunder Premiere in Leicester Square


AIL says: "The US actor smiles for the fans"

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Ben signs autographs for the crowdsBen poses with co-star Chris RockBen attends the premiereEver seen a grown man looking this uncomfortable with a cartoon lion? Unlikely.Ben braves the cold at the premiereBen poses with Jack and Robert for the movie publicity shotsNot at all scary. Jack signs autographs for the crowds.Jack and Ben pose together on the camouflage carpetThe US singer poses for some photosCheer up Robert... this movie will make you a mint!RDJ smiles with fans at the premiereThe US actor smiles for the fansThe British actor attends the premiere with his guestJack signs some autographs for fansSome joker behind Jack and the girls doesn't think much of the photoBob poses for a pictureCalum Best, in denim. Struggling to think of anything else to write about him.Danielle favours the 'natural' look when it comes to make-upThe British socialite attends the premiereHere he is... regular as clockwork, Simon attends another premiere. All in a day's work for a man without a record dealHofit arrives with designer Scott HenshawWhat's this Gemma? No cleavage? Not even a plunging neckline? The world's gone mad.Everyone's favourite nasal dancing Kiwi attends the premiere with a guestThe British model poses for her photo. (With clothes on today though.)The ex-Eastender and Strictly Come Dancing star poses for the papsBianca steps inside the cinema to watch the premiereThe English cricketer attends the premiereReally? Still enough celebrity equity to keep going to these things?

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