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If you're planning on moving to London then you're probably very aware of the seemingly endless list of choices you need to make before you even pack a box. Ask questions about relocating here and get advice from people who've done it before.
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All In London, Gavalar

Open Thread
What will London look like in the future? (2)
Author: All In London
Wed 25th Nov
Open Thread
Are you friends with an estate agent? (6)
Author: All In London
Fri 13th Nov
Open Thread
How did you find your move to London (0)
Author: Arrived in London
Tue 27th Oct
Open Thread
Cheap digs (0)
Author: veronica60
Sun 26th Feb
Open Thread
Looking for a job (0)
Author: vicdbz
Wed 22nd Feb
Open Thread
Moving to london (1)
Author: maria_sophia
Wed 22nd Feb
Open Thread
If you could live ANYWHERE in London where would it be? (6)
Author: Northern Girl
Fri 17th Feb
Open Thread
Good places to live in London (1)
Author: number0
Tue 14th Feb
Open Thread
Moving to London (1)
Author: MichelleAshton
Wed 8th Feb
Open Thread
About my curriculum vitae (4)
Author: thD
Mon 6th Feb
Open Thread
Starting a Graduate Scheme Sept 2012 (0)
Author: oz_boz
Fri 3rd Feb
Open Thread
Boris cuts Londoner's Council tax bill by £3.10 (2)
Author: Gavalar
Thu 2nd Feb
Open Thread
Thinking of moving to London (4)
Author: daniel25
Wed 25th Jan
Open Thread
Inspired By People is Looking for New Members for Their Board! (1)
Author: BethanyHogan
Tue 24th Jan
Open Thread
Your Advice On Best Places To Live In London (8)
Author: HBK
Wed 18th Jan
Open Thread
Accomodation and Work in London (0)
Author: hstudent
Tue 17th Jan
Open Thread
moving with 3 kids!! (2)
Author: crazykiddies
Mon 16th Jan
Open Thread
Where to live in South/Southwest London/Surrey? (4)
Author: joebron
Mon 16th Jan
Open Thread
Where to live in London? (6)
Author: allornothing
Sat 14th Jan
Open Thread
House Moving …….Money saving recommendation! (0)
Author: lizagray654
Tue 10th Jan
Open Thread
Nice places to live in London?? (18)
Author: *Cat*
Wed 4th Jan
Open Thread
Moving to London/Surrey (9)
Author: bigbadsad
Tue 6th Dec
Open Thread
Moving to london (yet another one) (2)
Author: dawgie
Thu 10th Nov
Open Thread
Safe areas To Live In London ??? (9)
Author: musicworld
Sun 2nd Oct
Open Thread
Places in London to live and party (1)
Author: Mikeyg15
Tue 30th Aug
Open Thread
Where do you think we should live in London? (3)
Author: rdk
Mon 15th Aug
Open Thread
Moving to London (4)
Author: pollyblue
Wed 29th Jun
Open Thread
relocating to London (3)
Author: linux44
Mon 13th Jun
Open Thread
Help with where to live in London (1)
Author: Emmapayne89
Tue 19th Apr
Open Thread
Work outside london, but want to live in london - any help appreciated. (1)
Author: alancheeky
Mon 4th Apr
Open Thread
Living Cost in London (3)
Author: guitarman
Thu 24th Mar
Open Thread
Moving to London with cats (1)
Author: aproka
Tue 8th Mar
Open Thread
Hi all - where to live? (0)
Author: maxybest
Sun 23rd Jan
Open Thread
Moving to London? (0)
Author: Boulugre
Sun 23rd Jan

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