London’s Quietest Spots

Need to get away from the city's hustle and the noise? Here's where you can head for...

Margravine and Tower Hamlets Cemetery
As well as being peaceful, these two cemeteries are well maintained – Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is a conservation park. Margravine Cemetery, near Barons Court tube station, is full of greenery and wildlife; the Friends of Margavine Cemetery are very active where preserving the area’s rich flora is concerned. There was some controversy in 1965 when a large number of tombstones were cleared away and grass was laid down, however this does mean that there is a mixture of tombstones and grassy areas for relaxing. Tower Hamlets Cemetery is accessible via Bow Road or Mile End stations. It’s filled with sycamore trees and is popular with bird spotters as 35 different species have been discovered in the area. Fans of butterflies and foxes will also enjoy this park.

K Spa’s kuddles
It goes without saying that a relaxation room in a spa is going to be fairly noiseless. At the K Spa (situated within the K-West Hotel in Shepherd’s Bush) mobile phones must be turned off and you are asked to “moderate your voice”, in other words, keep quiet. But the spa’s kuddles go one further. These soft suede loungers are ideal for a siesta in total comfort. They are fitted in archways in the wall, offering a feeling of seclusion, and two people can share one, making it possible to go with a partner. Stars are projected onto the walls and ceiling to aid your relaxing, or perhaps hinder it if you’re distracted by twinkly lights.

This chic restaurant may be in the heart of Soho, and admittedly it does get busy, but it’s ideal for solitary diners who wish to indulge in a Michelin-quality meal and a book. Furthermore, Arbutus offers every single wine on the list by the glass, therefore they clearly have the lone customer in mind. The menu has British and European dishes such as saddle of rabbit and cottage pie, and Marseille-style lambs’ tripe parcels and trotters, so it’s not the best place for vegetarians. If dinner is too raucous (you need a reservation as it gets booked up easily) then head there for lunch, when they offer a three course set menu for £20.

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