London for Art Lovers

If you love art then you're positively spoiled for choice in London... we'll take you on a tour which is sure to appeal to everyone with an interest in the arts...

It’s very difficult to condense all the art in London into one simple itinerary, therefore we’ve split this guide into the main hotspots for you to dip in and out of at will.

West End and Mayfair

If you’re curious to see the inside of a 19th century aristocratic townhouse, the Wallace Collection, in the heart of Marylebone, has works by Titian and Rembrandt that once belonged to collector Sir Richard Wallace, who also lived here. There are some magnificent ceramics and items of furniture in display too.

From here you can walk into the West End via Thayer Street. The Photographer’s Gallery is on Ramillies Street, just off Oxford Street, where you’ll find a mixture of renowned photographers and newcomers. If you head west into Mayfair you’ll notice numerous small fine art galleries, most of which host contemporary artists, like at Sadie Coles HQ. The Halcyon Gallery also has works by Renoir and Cezanne.

The Royal Academy of Arts is located on Piccadilly. Founded in 1768, this independent gallery has a broad remit, with exhibited artists ranging from impressionists to the contemporary (Degas, Turner, Van Gogh). Exhibitions are usually around £10 per ticket, which provides funding for the institution. Nearby is the original White Cube gallery, which has played a big part in promoting the work of the Young British Artists since its opening in 1993.

If you walk along Piccadilly to Hyde Park you’ll be able to visit the Serpentine, which is among London’s most forward thinking galleries, having featured Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons and Matthew Barney previously.

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