London’s Most Gruesome Murderers

OK, so London's a pretty safe place, on the whole, but here are some tales of a murky associated with murder.

We all know the stories and conspiracies surrounding Jack the Ripper, but unfortunately London has yielded a fair few other serial killers since. If you’re squeamish you’re advised to stop reading at the end of this paragraph, for we are about to take you on a lurid journey of London’s most vicious killings…

The Baby Killer
Amelia Elizabeth Dyer worked as a nurse in the late 1800s, but she also earned an income from “baby farming”. In the days when abortion was illegal and illegitimate children a taboo subject, it was not unheard of for babies conceived out of wedlock to be given up into the care of a foster parent in exchange for money. Sadly it was also not unheard of for the foster parents to allow the child to die of malnutrition, in order to make a profit from the transaction. Dyer didn’t wait for the children to starve, instead she suffocated them to death. One infant was strangled with white tape at her flat in Willesden and then thrown into the Thames. Dyer tried to commit suicide when she was arrested by drinking laudanum, but her substance abuse meant she had a tolerance to opiates. She was hanged in 1896 for killing six babies, however it is believed she could have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds, having evaded the authorities by using different names and moving around the country.

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