Eating Out in London

Stuck for dining ideas? Want to find the best value offers? Read our guide to dining out in London for the answers.

With the help of celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and the fact Londoners are becoming more culture savvy, London is fast becoming renowned for its good food. The following are some of the places that make Londonís food scene so great.

Best fors...

Sometimes dining out in London can be a bit "hit and miss" as you've no way of knowing what to expect from a restaurant, and it's always better to go on a recommendation. Sometimes it's nice to be surprised by a venue however disappointment is always amplified when you have to pay for the privilege of road-testing a venue only to find that it's unsuitable for a certain occasion.

And so All In London has put together a selection of "Best fors..." such as "Best for fine dining", "Best for Romantic dining", "Best for families" and so on.

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Romantic Dining

Andrew Edmunds in Soho is the perfect couples dine-out experience with a distinctly Parisian feel, dark wood mahogany bars, flooring and chairs that hide in dimly lit shadows cast from candle light. Rustic, charming benches and antique-looking wooden booths made especially for couples to cuddle up in line the walls. Food served is everything from lamb to seafood, with meals costing £30 a head and they offer of an extensive wine list starting at £11.50 for a bottle of house red or white.

Or thereís the Aquarium and Bang Bar at Saint Katherineís Dock where for £37 a head you can get a classy lounge-like dining experience with food differing depending on the time of the year. The large, fresh room overlooks the calming water of St Katherineís Dock and the million pound yachts that rest on it, creating the feel of a romantic holiday.

Or for a bit of a treat thereís French restaurant Aubergine in South West London. Although at £69 a meal itís a bit pricey the restaurant is renowned for its romantic atmosphere and beautiful food. Date-friendly meals like foie gras and apple salads are served on perfect white china and the room is filled with sumptuous colours, red walls and purple flowers and the view of the West London cityscape which can be seen out of the floor to ceiling windows which would top off any date.

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Italian Cuisine

But where to go really depends on what type of food youíre after. For Italian food Il Bordello in the city center is always busy, offering traditional pizzas and pastas in generous portions for £31 a meal. And Cecconiís in Mayfair mixes stunning design with great food, their furniture looks like a work of modern art with mahogany fixtures and striped marble floors and green leather everywhere. They offer Italian twists on English food including sandwiches, salads and light bites.

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