Student Relationships; Friends, Lovers, Foes..

New friends, old friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, flatmates, bad mates, there will never be a dull moment while you’re at Uni. You’re not alone, this

Meeting people is easy

If you’re feeling homesick and missing your friends from home, don’t forget they’re only a phone call away, and you can see them in the holidays. If you have any favourite pictures, toys, ornaments, etc put them up in your room. It makes the world of difference to have somewhere ‘homely’ to go back to.

Keeping busy and meeting new people is the best way to get over any homesickness, and don’t forget your social life doesn’t have to revolve solely around university! There are groups, events and evening classes to take part in if you wish to broaden your social network.

- Sporty people might want to check out local gyms and look for yoga classes, aerobics, or even climbing. If you’re into dancing look for flamenco and lindy-hop lessons, which are growing in popularity amongst London’s trendy young things.

- Evening or part time classes could be interesting if you’re not sick of the sight of a classroom by the end of the day. Perhaps a language course, cookery, art or creative writing classes, there is much to choose from. Look at the prospectuses for City Lit, City University and Birkbeck.

- For culture vultures, there are talks in bookshops and art galleries where people always get chatting after the event, usually over a free glass of vino. Socialist bookshop Bookmarks holds events most weeks (with a leftist slant) and Daunt Books on Marylebone High Street plays host to reputable writers. Also check what the Tate, the Southbank Centre and the ICA have on offer.

- Be socially active. Go to parties and to the pub with your classmates. You may meet friends of friends, who may end up introducing you to other people. Most of all, have fun!

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