A Hedonistís Survival Guide to London in the Winter

Find respite fro the bitter British winter in London...

Bitter weather, darkness, exorbitant gas bills, sneezing tube passengers and snow causing mayhem Ė it can only be London in the savage winter time. Conditions may be harsher in Siberia, but have our Russian counterparts ever tried making their way home on the district line in a snowstorm, wrestling with bags of food shopping while battling with a cold?

Letís forget about pitch black mornings when the alarm goes off, cigarette breaks in arctic conditions, the bus riding past you in the rain and slipping over on the ice; London winters may be long and dark, but at least we donít live in Iceland. Sooner or later one has to face the icicles, so rather than complain, why not embrace the winter in hedonistic fashion?

A true hedonist devotes 90% of their time to the pursuit of pleasure. Turn weather-related havoc into an opportunity to pamper yourself, sleep till late, eat carbs and be flamboyant. Take a leaf out of the book of King Ludwig II, who liked to set off into the cold night in a horse drawn carriage wrapped in ermine blankets covered in peacock feathers. Then again, he was mad.

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