Unusual Dinners

Whoever said suppertime was boring? Dining out in London can see you try anything from lethal fish to being massaged while you eat.

Adventurous diners with cash to splash may be drawn in by the highly appealing “Dine or Die” tagline of the Fugu Supper Club, which offers torafugu, a type of highly toxic blowfish. Apparently one of these adorable puffed-up marine monsters contains enough poison to kill 30 adults, hence the need for careful handling by experienced chefs who know how to remove its toxic parts and avoid contaminating its flesh – in 2009 seven people died after consuming fugu at a restaurant in Tsuruoka, Japan. So why would you want to spend £250 on a meal that might kill you? You’d automatically become part of an elite, naturally; as the sale of fugu isn’t strictly permitted within the EU, you need to register on their website and they’ll let you know where the next “private” dinner is taking place. The price includes Champagne and six courses.

“Secret” supperclubs are still taking place in some of the larger living rooms of the capital, even if the press has stopped raving about them since their 2009 apex. Pistachio & Pickle have a world theme for each of their events which has seen them cook up elk with kale salad and bison sliders (Scandinavian and American). Pop-up restaurants are still all the rage during the summer months, as they offer established restaurateurs the chance to make even more money by taking over vacant outdoor spaces. Cynical us? You would be too if faced with paying £14.50 for a crayfish salad at Tom’s Terrace at Somerset House. Bombay café-themed Dishoom will be hosting an area on the South Bank, but if it’s a lesser known, more personal venture you’re after Gingerline do art and foodie events in locations along the East London Line. There’s usually a theme to match the gourmet food on offer and they can tailor-make events to suit you.

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