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AIL's Alternative Nights Out

The End of January is upon us and as the coffers run dry, nights out need to offer more than the ubiquitous norms. We’re talking unusual, entertaining alternatives that guarantee it won’t be what you had to drink that you’ll remember in the morning.

We can all admit that the terse relationship between the French and ourselves is a little too ‘Clarkson’ to be taken seriously. So that’s that. Don your finest Breton stripes and pay a visit to Baranis on Chancery Lane. Named after its range of Pastis and Absinthe this chic number lends London a little je ne sais quoi with its easy-going Provençal attitude and range of splendid cocktails. However, it’s not only the thyme daiquiris that get us rolling – there’s also the small matter of the UK’s only indoor pétanque court in its vaulted cellars. Alternative, unusual and entertaining. Why, that’s a triple threat!

Dinner, drinks and tassels go together like boom and bust and you’ll find them all at The Brickhouse cabaret club. Currently running is the burlesque show, Saints and Sinners, but you can expect anything from aerial acrobatics to fire eaters to accompany drinks at the bar. Spread over three floors of the Truman Brewery, the Brickhouse makes for a spectacular night out on almost any day of the week.

There really aren’t enough roller discos around in our opinion, which is why we like nothing more than dusting off our Bauers – complete with mismatching fluorescent laces – and heading to Vauxhall to support the scene. The Renaissance Rooms is the venue and practice makes perfect for the roller crowd from Thursday to Sunday every week. Mix with all kinds of level from beginners to the advanced jam skaters to disco, soul and anything else from the seventies.

Underground Rebel Bingo Club feels a little like Fight Club and although their first rule doesn’t demand silence on the matter of their existence, it is all just a little intriguing. To join you must RSVP and only then can you descend into the seedy world of underground bingo. The trouble is more than worth it and much like Secret Cinema, the hidden venues, exclusive access and general sense of clandestine excitement unite the people – along with the awesome music and costumes! In their own words, ‘it’s not about gambling, it’s about hardcore bingo fun’.
Added on January 22, 2012


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