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AIL listens in on DJ Vadim and Chris P Cuts

In a career spanning nearly twenty years and having played over 2500 shows, DJ Vadim is a bona fide legend. All In London eavesdrop as he talks to Chris P CutsÖ

This Friday 13th July DJ Vadim brings is inimitable mix of hip hop, soul, funk, grime, reggae, dub and bass to Jamm in what promises to be one of the best shows of the month alongside DJ Yoda and Chris P Cuts!

One of the most respected DJs and producers on the Ninja Tune roster, DJ Vadim is a veteran in the DJ scene having played out across over 60 countries. This Fridayís show with DJ Yoda promises to deliver an eclectic mixture of turntable action that will no doubt get the dance floor jumping. For a teaser follow the link at the bottom of the page for an exclusive DJ Yoda mix for Jamm.

Ahead of the show we pressed our ear to a random door and picked up this conversation between Chris P Cuts and DJ Vadim himself. What were the chances?

Youíve been on your travels as of late. Whereís the best party, club or festival youíve played at in 2012?

Peha - Maui - Hawaii.
Played in a hut at the edge of the jungle.... NUTS!!!!

In recent times Iíve heard you play a Drum & Bass remix, Dubstep remix and a few other edits of your worldwide smash ĎThe Terroristí. Are these remixes available? Whatís the deal with the official video too? Never seems to last to long on YouTube!

There never was a video to this song. A few people have made one but I never sanctioned any. Nutter Americans keep taking them down cos theyíre paranoid about that word and think I am part of the axis of evil!!!
As for the mixes... yeah there are a few Iíve done. They are all downloadable from my SoundCloud page.

Vads, youíre a fashion icon! People know when youíve arrived at the club. Where does the inspiration for this come from and whereíre your favourite spots to shop throughout the world?

Fashion icon?!!! Wow, hahaha! Well I like to mix things up and try new things. Fashion is something Iíve definitely been more into recently. So I mix golf with gentlemen, mix trashy and baseball, mix chic with sports, mix summer and winter!!!

Youíve always got a new project, a new group, a new LP or something else NEW! Could you give us a little sneak peak into this newness?

Witness the newness. I have a new album called - DJ Vadim - Don't B Scared. Itís coming out on BBE in October. First single - This DJ, comes in August. Hopefully you will get to hear it real soon!

And finally, thereís already a few contenders but whatís DJ Vadimís tune for summer 2012?

Oh God I never rememberÖ But songs that are really working for me right now are:

Foreign Beggers - Flyin To Mars
Nadastrom - Church
Onra - Love

Cheers Vads. Always a pleasure and we look forward to your set Friday 13th at Brixton Jamm. Gonna be HUGE!!

Exclusive DJ Yoda Mix

Added on July 9, 2012


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