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Brixton's Ms Cupcake

Brixton Village is always worth a visit, and Ms Cupcake provides an interesting alternative to your regular tea and cake set up. Ms Cupcake is Londonís first all vegan cake shop.

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Ms Cupcake
408 Coldharbour Lane Brixton SW9 8LF
Iím drawn to eating meat. I canít help it; thereís something deep and inherent in my nature. Occasionally I make a bid for vegetables or fish, but inevitably the sausages, burgers and bacon woo me back. However, I am also (often inexplicably) drawn to vegans. I just canít keep them out of my life, everytime one moves on, along comes another with their mash potato and their hemp shoes. As a result of this, I have had to source out some on Londonís top vegan spots and so far, nowhere comes out higher than Ms Cupcake.

Located in Brixton Village, Ms Cupcake is Londonís first all vegan cake shop. It offers up cupcakes, layer cakes, muffins and doughnuts as well as a range of savoury snacks, and all 100% vegan. I know what youíre thinking Ė as a non-vegan, the idea of a cake devoid of milk, butter and eggs is not hugely appealing. With Ms Cupcakeís creations, however, it is impossible to tell the lack of lactose. Each cake is rich, creamy and utterly decadent. Itís so impossible to detect the change in ingredients that you wonder how they manage to do it.

The shop cooks up over 50 different cakes, ranging from a sumptuous peach, through the staples of chocolate, vanilla and raspberry to the more obscure tastes of hazelnut and mango. Each cupcake is piled high with astonishingly creamy icing and has a deliciously moist centre. The savoury options include pizzas and all vegan hot dogs. They rely quite heavily on meat substitutes, but are none the less tasty and provide that sensible pre-runner to the cakes.

For those truly doubting the integrity of such a decadent vegan mix, Ms Cupcake offers classes in cupcake creation. Although slightly pricey at £45, these are intensive sessions with lots of one on one attention and include a box of 6 cakes to take home at the end. The Sunday morning childrenís lessons are possibly slightly more appealing (and cheaper), and include instruction in the art of decorative icing.

The shop is located next to Rosieís cafť and the two establishments have an amenable arrangement that means shoppers can take their cakes into the cafť and enjoy them with a tea or coffee. They can also sit at the outside tables and watch the life of Brixton Village going on.

Brixton Village is always worth a visit, and Ms Cupcake provides an interesting alternative to your regular tea and cake set up. Itís also great when you have to think of somewhere to take those vegan friends.
Added on August 17, 2012


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