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Chiswick was originally located in Middlesex, but was incorprated into Greater London in 1965 as London expanded into the surrounding urban areas. Now, Chiswick is part of the London Borough of Hounslow and is nearly six miles outside Central London. The southern part of Chiswick borders the River Thames, offering some unrivalled views from residential properties and hotels.

Location-wise, Chiswick is considered ideal for professional commuters as well as visitors. As it is to the West of London, Chiswick is conveniently situated for those wanting access to the M25, M4 and Heathrow Airport.

Leafy and peaceful, Chiswick is popular with middle class families who would like a large house with a garden without having to give up living within Greater London. The suburb’s relative safety is also part of its appeal and everything appears very polished - you’ll struggle to find litter on the streets. Thankfully the high street injects a bit of life into the area with a multitude of enticing restaurants that encompass Spanish, French, Thai, Iranian, Greek and many others. Here you will also find Hogarth’s House, fully restored to its original state, and the splendid Chiswick House, a lavish baroque villa that was built in 1729.

Which borough is Chiswick in?
Chiswick is in the borough of Hounslow

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