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Maida Vale Guide

Your All In London guide to Maida Vale

Located in the City of Westminster, Maida Vale is a region of North West London that has a reputation for being the home of many celebrities. To add to the confusion, Maida Vale is not only a region but also the name of the main road that runs through the area.

The name Maida Vale originated from the Hero of Maida public house which appeared on Edgware Road in the early 19th century. Since then and right through to the modern age, Maida Vale has been an affluent area with large townhouses together with several canals, complete with luxurious boat houses.

Modern day Maida Vale is home to BBC’s Radio One which further adds to the celebrity status of this cosmopolitan region.

Which borough is Maida Vale in?
Maida Vale is in the borough of City of Westminster

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Waiting for Godot
Exhibition by the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

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The Warwick Castle

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Local Shops

Shopping Streets

Castellain Road (6 shops)
Clarendon Terrace (4 shops)
Clifton Road (31 shops)
Clifton Villas (1 shop)
Edgware Road (2 shops)
Elgin Avenue (28 shops)
Formosa Street (12 shops)
Harrow Road (2 shops)
Kilburn High Road (1 shop)
Lanark Place (1 shop)
Lanark Road (1 shop)
Lauderdale Parade (7 shops)
Lauderdale Road (6 shops)
Maida Vale (17 shops)
Randolph Avenue (4 shops)
Shirland Road (19 shops)
Sutherland Avenue (10 shops)
Widley Road (1 shop)

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