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F M Mangal

54 Camberwell Church Street, Camberwell, London

F M Mangal, exterior picture
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F M Mangal
7/10 from 6 user reviews
Address:54 Camberwell Church Street

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Nearest Station:Denmark Hill

Telephone: 020 7701 6677

Opening Hours:
Mon:12:00 - 23:59
Tue:12:00 - 23:59
Wed:12:00 - 23:59
Thu:12:00 - 23:59
Fri:12:00 - 23:59
Sat:12:00 - 23:59
Sun:12:00 - 23:59


The Latest User Reviews of F M Mangal

User Rating: 9 / 10
Jo Wood
Added: Feb 2013
All In London User Recommended Business

Excellent restaurant. From the outside it looks like a Takeaway but the restaurant at the back is superb. The free bread with the sauce is delectable. I asked the owner for the recipe but he told me it was secret. Highly recommended and I will return again and again. It was recommended to me by my daughter who praised it highly.

Name: Jo Wood
Location: Peckham

Added on Sat 02 Feb 2013 at 12:27:06
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User Rating: 9 / 10
Member since: Apr 2012
Posts: 1
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All In London User Recommended Business

Mangal was recomended to us by a friend and we have used this restaurant a number of times. We have also taken other friends to eat there.
We have always been satisfied with the friendly service and the food is always first class.
We will use it again.

Added on Fri 13 Apr 2012 at 17:50:35
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User Rating: 8 / 10
Member since: Dec 2011
Posts: 1
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All In London User Recommended Business

Visited FM Mangal recently for a friend's birthday. The food was great. We had the FM Mangal Special with lamb. The meat was super tender and had been grilled over coals, so had a delicious bbq flavour. We also had the Imam Bayildi, which brought back memories of a trip last year to Turkey. Service was very friendly. They even surprised us with a cake and sang happy birthday. Only thing I would suggest is that they get a cover for the too bright fluorescent lightbulb over the door, which was rather distracting for those of us facing it. Overall, very warm and welcoming establishment with likely the best Turkish food south of the river.

Added on Fri 09 Dec 2011 at 11:51:06
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User Rating: 5 / 10
Added: Jun 2011

Today I went for lunch to Mangal Restaurant with my friend. We ordered 2 orders for us in the restaurant and 2 other orders to go for our colleagues. I ordered a grilled chicken dish with salad and rice and asked for the rice to be replaced with hummus. The waitress told me that this was not possible and that I would have to pay an additional 3 for a side order of hummus. When I asked why it would be so much to replace rice with hummus especiall since my friends lunch (falafels instead of chicken) came with hummus and salad, she was adamant that there was nothing she could do for me. My lunch meal also came with a drink that I did not want as I only wanted tap water, and the rice that I did not have, and she still did not include the hummus when she brought the food. She was rude and the service was poor. For this reason I would not go back. The food itself was mediocre although i'm sure that my perception is influenced by the entire meal being off to a bad start. I paid 6 for some chicken and salad - i could have gotten that in a wrap with hummus at teh falafel shop across for 3 - I'll know where to go next time.

Name: hospitalworker
Location: London

Added on Mon 13 Jun 2011 at 15:52:22
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User Rating: 10 / 10
Member since: Sep 2010
Posts: 1
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I ve heard lots of things about Fm Mangal and last night first time i ve tried Turkish food.I tought it was a regular kebab shop but when i entered, i realised that it was a proper Turkish restaurant.
They served lovely marinated and chargrilled bread (that was so yummy)and also grilled onions in secret red sauce on the house(i am saying secret because we couldnt learn what it was but we loved it).I always loved grilled meat but chargrill is amazing, the meat was so tender and marinate was awesome. I had quails and my friend had seabream. It was the best meal i ve ever had!

End of the meal they served us turkish liquer (i tought it was only for us but they serve it to everybody who had alcohol) and it was so tasty as well.

Today when i finished work, i didnt want to cook and i remembered fm mangal. Ive been there for takeaway. I had small adana kofte wrap (and it was only 3) and i really enjoyed it:)This time they served a glass of apple tea with a turkish delight on the house while i was waiting my food.

i recommend this place to everybody who want to have healty and tasty food. (i need to say that they v got many vegetarian and fish dishes too)

Have a sweet day

Added on Mon 27 Sep 2010 at 16:49:21
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User Rating: 2 / 10
A Customer
Member since: Sep 2006
Posts: 37,336
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The waitress was very nice.

But I can not say the same thing for the foods.


Added on Sat 05 Jun 2010 at 15:01:27
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