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Building Relationships Training

The Diana, Princess of Wales. The County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London

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Tue 18th Sep 2012

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WHERE:The Diana, Princess of Wales. The County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7PB

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TIMES:10:00 - 16:00



Engage your heart: set a goal to live at your best

Meet at a new level of relationship: self-awareness is key to successful relationships
Bridge misunderstanding through communication: effective communication resolves conflictRelease your hold on the past: your old stories hold you back from your true selfAlign with your purpose: discover who you have come to be and what you have come to do
Commit to your best self and to the best in others: develop a daily personal practice

It may be a vague sense that somethingís not quite right. Or you may have reached a crisis, feel stuck, unhappy and donít know where to go next. You just know that this relationship - whomever itís with - isnít working the way it could.
Thatís OK.
This Building Relationships Training, we can help you work out what the problem is...

...and help you do something about it.
And you wonít have to do it all on your own.

Remembering to STOP LOOK LISTEN will greatly improve your journey through life and your ability to build relationship success.


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