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'To build the most comprehensive guide to London online'
Our aim is to develop a unique online community centred around London. Most of the All In London team have lived in London for over 9 years and between us we know a great deal about life in the city. However we look to the entire population of London and all of its visitors to tell us what's important and what we should be writing about on the website.

If you notice omissions on the website then we encourage feedback telling us that something has been overlooked but the most important role of the All In London user is just to give their opinion on all that we cover on the website: from experiences good and bad on everything from a local restaurant, to the Titian exhibition at the National Gallery to their opinion on the increased tube fares featured in the daily news. It is the goal of All In London to be sculpted and directed by the people that stand to benefit most from the site: the users themselves, creating a vast pool of London knowledge.

Who's it for?

Our target audience is anyone who has an interest in London, you don't have to live in London to love London, infact it's easier if you don't!

To get fully involved with All In London you'll need a passport, click here to sign up for one, it's free! This will give you full access to all of the site, allow you to enter the competitions and post comments. We require users to be over 18 years of age to enter our competitions.

Who are we?

All In London is managed by a core of 3 people (1 Sales and Marketing, 1 Technical and 1 Finance/Operations). We're all thirty-somethings (early thirties, you hear, EARLY thirties) who enjoy living and going out in London.

We work in partnership with freelancers and other small London based businesses. This keeps staffing costs low and allows us more freedom to take the site in new directions.

All In London is owned and operated by Kolberg, a London based internet company. The website and content management system was built by Staffordshire based PHP web development company Cowshed Works.

How do I get my business listed on All In London?

If you would like your club, bar, pub, restaurant or business listed on All In London we have a number of options for you to explore. Click here for information on our webpage editing system. You may wish to contact Sales for additional competition sponsorship and newsletter advertising opportunities.

How much traffic does All In London get?

To view information about the users and usage statistics of All In London click below to download our Media Pack.


All In London is built on Open Source technology. We use Apache, PHP, Python, mysql to name a few, all running on Linux. Without these projects All In London would be a less interactive, featureless and static website.

All In London is built using a content management system (CMS) developed in-house using PHP/mysql/Perl/Python. The CMS is managed offline to enable intensive data processing to be handled by our local linux systems. The local CMS output is sync'd with the live server. As the vast majority of the site content is not dynamic this approach allows us to keep the server CPU free from unneccesary crunching.

Our Apache Server also uses zlib compression to output site pages in gzip format to user agents who will accept it. We've benchmarked 65 to 70 per cent compression for various user agent requests. This allows us to get pages to clients quicker, decreasing download times and significantly reducing our bandwidth usage.

Any Questions?

If you've got any questions about All In London please let us know.

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