London's Best For...

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Stock up at London's best All You Can Eat restaurants...
These have all picked up a gong or two... or three
It's nice to eat out... when it's not piddling down
A woman's best friend. After diamonds. And George Clooney.
If you've got 30 minutes to waste and don't want to walk the streets or you actually need a book, check out these shops.
If you like your clubs to have poor gender mix ratios then these places are likely to appeal.
Sick of sitting in a filthy house eating Pot Noodle whilst playing Call of Duty? You need to go out and have a few cheap drinks and a kebab.
The boss has been on your back all week about your TPS report and you know it's not possible for Q3 let alone Q2, you need to unwind, you need to mosh
Is there a better way to spend an afternoon in London than sat outside a pub on uncomfortable furniture whilst getting sun burnt?
Not all venues in London are happy to accept guest arrivals in pink limos but these will probably turn a blind eye to it.
London is the UK's indie hotbed - Manchester and Liverpool will try and lay claim but purists know the truth... it's London, baby.
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