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Most sites do best lists, but these are the best of the best lists

Picture of Private members clubs you don't actually have to be a member of!

Private members clubs you don't actually have to be a member of!

If you want to steer clear of the riff-raff but don't want to be tied to the memberships of a handful of clubs, then take a look at these venues where you can just dip in and out.


Our favourite Kings Cross restuarants
Get your nibble on in King's X...
Dig into London's best Hawaiian food
Get your shirt on, it's time for a luau...


By Royal Appointment...
All these London businesses have the Royal seal of approval
London's best shops in the touristy areas
These places are well worth a look


Victorian remains in London
London's chock-full of them

Things to Try

Try a luxury cinema experience

No popcorn in the back of the head here
Be an RAF pilot for a day

They go up, tiddley up, up...
Eat in a trendy food hall

London's street food love-in continues
Eat at London's Friends-themed cafe

Could we BE more excited?!
Explore the history of nursing

The centre for info on all things nursing
Drink coffee in a toilet cafe

Mmmm, who wouldn't fancy that?
Discover how London began

London and its roots
Enjoy performing arts while supporting the community

Arty goodness crammed into one space
Eat in the canteen built out of old Tube bits

There's reclaimed paraphernalia everywhere
Not just crazy golf, it's surreal golf too

Optical illusions, mirrored rooms and pressure pads!
Eat at the restaurant that sinks into the ground

A Mediterranean villa if you crossed it with a UFO
Eat Singaporean bread

It's all about Asian breads
Visit an Islamic architectural gem

Exhibitions, film screenings and live music
Play a modern game of shuffleboard

Old stuff is back in fashion

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