Toilets with pazazz!

We've found some great places to spend a penny.

Mooching around toilets has long been a hobby for us here at All In London, and so we thought: why not put the years of research to good use?

So that's exactly what we've done...

From one-time public toilets which have since been refurbished into swish cafes, to venues which have put as much of the budget into the lavs as they have the dance-floor and bar - we've put together a list of London hotspots which put the toilets centre-stage.

The Sketch Parlour
9 Conduit Street Mayfair W1S 2XG
Region: Mayfair
Nearest Station: Oxford Circus (0.1 miles)

AIL Says: The toilets at Sketch are basically saying ‘welcome to the future’ with their sleek white curves and snow storm look. They’re amazing because just like every other room at Sketch, they feel special. And how many toilets feel special? Not many. Welcome to the future – in fifty years they’ll all look like this.

Liberty & Co
Liberty 210-220 Regent Street Mayfair W1B 5AH
Region: Mayfair
Nearest Station: Oxford Circus

AIL Says: For pure privacy the ground floor toilet at the back of the men’s shoe department is second to none. Tucked away from sight – and sound – the male and female toilets give you your own slice of the department store to do your business in peace. Plus if you’re a shoe freak, you can almost smell all that good leather wafting around the place!

  • OUR REVIEW 8/10
316 Queensbridge Road E8 3NH
Region: Dalston
Nearest Station: Haggerston (0.4 miles)

AIL Says: One of our favourite Hackney restaurants is strangely all about the toilets. The vague, ancient Egyptian theme that runs through the whole venue goes into explicit overdrive in the toilets. Going to the ‘john’ surrounded by ancient pornography never felt so normal.

  • USERS 8/10
Selfridges, Oxford Street
400 Oxford Street

AIL Says: If you’re caught short in the West End then the key place to look for first is the old reliable department store – that’s right, we’re not all about good looking loos, we’ve got the practical side covered too! If you’re in the vicinity then Selfridges is a good stop to make. There are multiple floors, multiple toilets and a well-to-do clientele that probably baulks at the idea of using public toilets – which means no queues.

The Hunter S
194 Southgate Road N1 3HT
Region: Dalston
Nearest Station: Dalston Kingsland (0.3 miles)

AIL Says: If you want to spend a penny in a little style then surely aiming straight for the mouth of Mick Jagger is pretty stylish? Er, what!! Yes, that actually sounds more perverted than it is. You won’t really be peeing on a Rolling Stone; you’ll be peeing into a porcelain urinal shaped like the ruby red lips from the Rolling Stones’ logo. Phew.

  • OUR REVIEW 8/10
Princess Louise
208-209 High Holborn WC1V 7BW
Region: Holborn
Nearest Station: Holborn

AIL Says: While the toilets at The Princess Louise in Holborn have a mad ‘ye olde’ style going on, they also seem so old that they appear to have become quite the cutting edge design display. Prints, tiles, marble and stained glass all help to make an attractive toilet experience that will get you drinking quicker for a swift return visit.

  • USERS 8/10
Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen
2-4 Hoxton Square N1 6NU
Region: Shoreditch
Nearest Station: Hoxton (0.2 miles)

AIL Says: You can show us all the sleek lines, patterns, rock star mouths and million metre views you like, but when it comes down to it, all you really need is function. That’s why we love the touring urinal spots that you see in nightlife-heavy areas across London. They’re there when you really need them and the set in Hoxton Square is lovely. If you get the right angle you can admire the view of the square while you enjoy relief. Just don’t pull your trousers all the way down, think of the passersby, er, passing by behind you.

  • OUR REVIEW 6/10
The Attendant
27A Foley Street W1W 6DY
Region: Fitzrovia
Nearest Station: Goodge Street (0.2 miles)

AIL Says: The Attendant Café actually used to be a toilet itself. The repurposed space now houses a delightful little café that incorporates (properly cleaned and sterilized) old fixtures from its former use. This is surely the most chic public toilet left in London?

  • USERS 9/10
Cellar Door
Zero Aldwych WC2E 7DN
Region: Covent Garden
Nearest Station: Covent Garden (0.2 miles)

AIL Says: Cellar Door is another London venue that got its big break as a public toilet. However, it left that ugly stain on its resume behind years ago… didn’t it? Or not. Having transformed itself into a dapper subterranean cabaret club in Aldwych it only went and put in some incredible toilets to remind us of where it all began. These ones are nifty. The clear glass door will scare a few would-be toilet breakers but once locked, the glass will soon frost over and leave you with a misty mask behind which to do your thang. Just don’t forget to lock.

  • OUR REVIEW 8/10
110 Bishopsgate EC2N 4AY
Region: City
Nearest Station: Liverpool Street (0.1 miles)

AIL Says: Everyone’s talking about the view from the Shard toilet but what nobody is talking about is the view from the toilet at Sushi Samba. So we’ll just go ahead and do so. Sushi, hard liquor and a massive great height? Chances are you’re going to need some bathroom action during your visit. Enjoy. The views are outstanding and the fixtures and fittings divine.

  • 22/100

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