London's best bars and clubs with a 24 hour licence


London is frequently billed as a "city that never sleeps"; only it does. Not only does it sleep but it rarely makes it past 10:59 as bar staff scream at you to finish up your drinks so that they can get their arses on the sofa for 11:15 to watch Better Call Saul on Netflix.

For those bar staff with nothing better to do (gawd bless 'em) they'll happily refill your pint glass well into the wee hours (and beyond) in any of these 24-hour venues...

60-62 Old Compton Street W1D 4UG
Region: Soho
Nearest Station: Tottenham Court Road (0.2 miles)

AIL Says: The Soho branch of Balans is the most popular end-of-the-night pitstop for West End partygoers. It serves cocktails and booze-soaking breakfasts, steak and eggs, and kedgeree among many others.

  • OUR REVIEW 7/10
  • USERS 2/10
Kings Mediterranean
308 Earls Court Road Earl's Court SW5 9BA
Region: Earl's Court
Nearest Station: Earl's Court (0.1 miles)

AIL Says: From the outside it looks like any other kebab shop, but if you step into the room at the back you'll find a quieter dining room that serves booze till 6am. Perfect for a night cap after bar-hopping through West London.

The Scotch of St James
13 Masons Yard SW1Y 6BU
Region: St. James's
Nearest Station: Piccadilly Circus (0.2 miles)

AIL Says: It first opened in 1965 and hosted all the rock stars of the Swinging Sixties, from The Rolling Stones and The Beatles to Jimi Hendrix and Rod Stewart. It's technically a members' club, but you can book in advance to visit and drink till the early hours of the morning.

  • USERS 10/10
Polo Bar
176 Bishopsgate The City EC2M 4NQ
Region: The City
Nearest Station: Liverpool Street

AIL Says: This veteran caff does comfort food and booze that caters to all palates and wallets, from locally brewed beers to Dom Perignon. You're just as likely to find red-eyed travellers who've arrived via Liverpool Street station opposite, as Shoreditch revellers and City folk.

  • OUR REVIEW 8/10
  • USERS 9/10
325 Fulham Road SW10 9QL
Region: Chelsea
Nearest Station: Gloucester Road (0.5 miles)

AIL Says: This diner has branches near Tottenham Court Road and in Chelsea, where it's been going for almost 20 years. There are all kinds of spirits and cocktails on the menu, however after 11pm you have to order food with your booze. Choose from filling dishes like Full English breakfasts, baby back ribs, fishcakes and hotdogs.

  • OUR REVIEW 6/10
  • USERS 6/10
Bar Italia
22 Frith Street Soho W1D 4RP
Region: Soho
Nearest Station: Leicester Square (0.1 miles)

AIL Says: Soho's most famous cafe has been immortalised in song (in the eponymous track by Pulp) and even sells its own range of merchandise. Go for pizzas and paninis, negronis and Italian wines and spirits.


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