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Probably the best we've ever seen is Bristol's world famous Jason's Donner Van - whilst that will probably never be topped as a name for a business we thought that you might like to see the best that London has to offer.

For reasons unbeknown to us at All In London giving your business an off-the-wall name seems to be most popular in the world of Hair and Beauty and Fast Food - it doesn't seem to be popular amoungst Solicitors and Opticians for some reason, please write in if you know why this might be.

So, grey-suited marketing folk from London's tri-lettered initialism based company names sit up and take note of how it should be done.

Ryan - Hair
40 Buckingham Palace Road Victoria SW1W 0RE
Region: Victoria
Nearest Station: Victoria

AIL Says: Hairdressers no doubt owned by Ryan - hopefully Ryan doesn't charge for using the toilet though, we're pretty sure that he doesn't so please don't take that seriously and hold it in whilst enjoying an otherwise wonderful hairdressing experience.

Get Stuffed
105 Essex Road Canonbury N1 2SL
Region: Canonbury
Nearest Station: Essex Road (0.1 miles)

AIL Says: What on first glance might seem like a one-way ticket to attracting no customers through the door is actually a refreshingly descriptive name for a taxidermists. 9/10.

Cod Fellas
125 Bellenden Road Peckham SE15 4QY
Region: Peckham
Nearest Station: Peckham Rye (0.2 miles)

AIL Says: A delightful play on the name of a graphically violent hollywood film about the criminal underworld of East Coast America in the 1970s - a great name for a chippy all the same.

  • USERS 10/10
230 Hertford Road Enfield Lock EN3 5BH
Region: Enfield Lock
Nearest Station: Southbury (0.6 miles)

AIL Says: This is oldschool in the world of amusing business names but you'd be a fool to suggest that it's not still a genius name for a tanning salon even in 2012.

Wig Wham
Romford Shopping Hall 137 43 Market Place Town Centre RM1 3AB
Region: Town Centre
Nearest Station: Romford (0.3 miles)

AIL Says: Tucked away inside Romford Shopping Hall is Wig Wham - a name combining both the business's core product and George Michaels 80's pop-sensation - when put together these words have the dual meaning of a Native American shelter from the elements, much like a wig. A name that works on so many levels it's almost unbelievable. Wham bam thank you Wig Wham... 10/10.

Cutting Remarks
19 Lytton Road Town Centre EN5 5BX
Region: Town Centre
Nearest Station: New Barnet (0.1 miles)

AIL Says: Hopefully the only remarks are those about the remarkably good haircuts you get at cutting remarks... see what we did?


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