Meet someone special at London's top singles bars

Get your glad-rags, douse yourself in smellies and prepare to engage...

Whether you're looking to get snapped up or just out for a bit of fun (eh, eh... nudge, nudge) then there can be few cities in the world so accommodating for singletons on the prowl... or even those not-so-singletons on the prowl.

With the age-old rituals of civilised courtship lying in tatters by the wayside, securing a mate now relies entirely on three essential components: 1) figure-hugging haute couture 2) awesome dance moves 3) WKD.

But if you're looking for love, it's all about the right place at the right time, isn't it? So let us lend assistance by suggesting the place: from upscale venues of sophistication to out-and-out meat markets, they're all here in our Best London Bars for Singles.

Get your glad-rags, douse yourself in smellies and prepare to engage...

22 Kingsland Road E2 8DA
Region: The City
Nearest Station: Hoxton (0.1 miles)

AIL Says: Hip, hip, hooray! Catch has been East London’s hip, go-to school disco for adults for years. Students like it, locals like it and there’s a reason why. If you want both credibility and a place to pull, then Catch is here with an eclectic mix of music and hip singles to boot.

  • OUR REVIEW 7/10
  • USERS 8/10
Lost Society
697 Wandsworth Road SW8 SJF
Region: Wandsworth

AIL Says: Clapham is often unfairly written off as a couples’ paradise, a place where Londoners seem destined to settle down. However, The Lost Society has a different view of things. This hedonistic, bolthole is the perfect place to get up close and personal with people. The cramped dance floor virtually guarantees physical contact in the swanky loft.

  • OUR REVIEW 7/10
  • USERS 10/10
The Book Club
100 Leonard Street EC2A 4RH
Region: Shoreditch
Nearest Station: Old Street (0.2 miles)

AIL Says: The Book Club in Shoreditch runs the monthly singles event, ‘Last Night a Speed Date Saved My Life’. Catchy name and what’s more, its hip location means you’re likely to find a relaxed affair rather than anything too serious. Not a fan of date nights, then head to the Book Club at the weekend where the crowd still holds its fair share of singles.

  • OUR REVIEW 8/10
Zoo Bar & Nightclub
13 - 17 Bear Street WC2H 7AQ
Region: Covent Garden
Nearest Station: Leicester Square

AIL Says: It’s the West End and you’re out looking for action but where do you go? To Zoo Bar of course, where the combination of drinks promotions and party tunes make it a popular destination with likeminded Londoners (and tourists) looking to strike up a conversation.

  • USERS 5/10
Bar Kick
127 Shoreditch High Street E1 6JE
Region: Spitalfields
Nearest Station: Bethnal Green (0.1 miles)

AIL Says: Bar Kick is another venue that hosts dedicated singles events to woo the punters. With table football as an added gimmick, and there to smooth over any awkward silences, it should be a winner every time.

  • OUR REVIEW 8/10
  • USERS 8/10
Parker Street (Corner of Drury Lane) WC2B 5PW
Region: Holborn
Nearest Station: Holborn (0.1 miles)

AIL Says: London’s biggest Brazilian club and bar is the place to come for singles on the look out for love through dance. There’s nothing sexier than samba in the dance world so bring the moves and you’ll go far.

  • OUR REVIEW 6/10
Grand Union
96 Wandsworth High Street SW18 4LB
Region: Southfields
Nearest Station: Wandsworth Town (0.3 miles)

AIL Says: Grand Union has locations in Clapham, Brixton and Camden among others, which means more power to the singles. The stylish, easygoing bars basically pump out pheromones into the ether and if a regular night doesn’t work for you then they even run dedicated singles events at which you can try your luck.

  • USERS 3/10
61-65 Great Queen Street WC2B 5DA
Region: Covent Garden
Nearest Station: Holborn (0.1 miles)

AIL Says: Sway has a knack for making cheesy seem sophisticated and judging by the handsome men and women who frequent the Holborn club, the people are proof. Voting with their feet – and their looks – Sway attracts a good looking crowd and fills up at the weekend with offerings of disco, party hits and intimacy to be found in each of its different rooms.

  • USERS 7/10
The Lexington
96-98 Pentonville Road N1 9JB
Region: Islington
Nearest Station: Angel (0.2 miles)

AIL Says: Having watched friends spend entire nights circling the place for singles – and finding them – All In London can attest to the Lexington’s suitability for those on the lookout for partnering up. The live venue/club on the top floor even gives you somewhere dark and loud to escape to if conversation begins to stall.

  • OUR REVIEW 8/10
Mason House
8 - 9 Argyll Street W1F 7TF
Region: Mayfair
Nearest Station: Oxford Circus

AIL Says: Should you be able to afford the cover charge, or better still make the guest list, you’ll find wall-to-wall singles at Mo*vida. That might just be because of the club’s reputation for trust-fund rich locals and those wishing to snare them, but hey, that’s fun too. Swig Cristal champagne or Grey Goose at your table or more realistically, sweet-talk your way onto somebody else’s.

  • USERS 5/10

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