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Hello everyone,

Those of you who regularly check in on our Blogging section will have noticed a marked increase in the amount of spam over the last few months. We were constantly deleting spammy posts throughout the day but unfortunately for us it also builds up over night and this resulted in very poor quality pages existing on the site for longer than we would have liked.

As a result, we have changed the format of our blogs to blogging by "invite only". This isnt' what we wanted when we built the system and it's a real shame that we've had to stop everyone using it. However, on the positive side we had some excellent bloggers in amoungst the ads for nike shoes, viagra and personal loans. These people we've invited back to continue using the system as featured bloggers. We've got a really good spread of topics to keep you informed and entertained.

So, we hope you all enjoy the new blogging section. If you'd like to have your own Blog on All In London just drop us an email from our contact page letting us know what you want to blog about and we'll set up your free account.

All the best,
All In London

Posted Date
Jun 14, 2007 in The All In London Blog by All In London