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Mr Beer Man

‘Rounds ups, everybody loves roundups’, that’s what they used to drum into you at Blog Writing College, which I spent five fruitful years at some time in the past. And as a natural follower of the rules, I take that advice and apply it wherever I can in life, in this instance, to a lovely little list of South London’s best bottle shops. Why South? You’ve got to start somewhere. And north, east and west will all get their day. So, without further ado, let’s get this roundup rolling.

The Beer Shop

Forget mystery, the people behind The Beer Shop very much wants you to know exactly what they trade in and they don’t care if you call them unimaginative for the name of their business. Located in the southeast neighbourhood of Nunhead, this bottle shop offers an eclectic range of beer, specialising in British and London brews. Part shop, part micro brewery (they serve their own beer) and part living room bar; they call themselves The Beer Shop but that’s far too modest.

Hop Burns and Black

Selling beer, hot sauce and vinyl – hence the name – Hop Burns and Black do a roaring trade from their East Dulwich outpost. You’ll find one wall of shelves stacked high with exotic brews from Hackney to Brooklyn, while a second wall hosts the largest hot sauce selection you’re likely to find in London. As in, there might well be over fifty hot sauces there. Added to the beer and the sauce, there’s even a small bin of vintage vinyl to nose around while you wait for them to fill your growler from the pressurized pump on the desk.

We Brought Beer

“Hey-ooh!! We brought beer!!” says everyone, all the time, in every American frat movie. However, the selection of beer at the Clapham bottle shop of the same name is going to be a whole lot better than the Pabst/Rolling Rock/Budweiser that Stifler brings to the party. Primarily a bottle shop but also a drink-in bar and one of the best places south of the river to go buy your home brewing kit to fulfill those dreams of becoming the next Kernel.

Bossman Wines

Now, besides learning that roundups were big news, another thing I have learnt in my time here (on earth) is that you respect your elders. And Bossman Wines is an elder in the beer game. The shop may be primarily geared towards wine but the Bossman knows how to stock a beer fridge – and has done for years. Belgian beers, American imports and London craft breweries make the place an honourable addition to this list. And the shop – on Lordship Lane - has a great name.

Uto Beer

Can Borough really be defined as South London? I’m not convinced but since it’s south of the river I’ll go with it so that Uto Beer can find a place on this list. Once again, the Uto family are stalwarts, having serviced London with the best in Belgian beer, hard-to-find ales and craft brewing for many a year. You can’t drink in at their Borough Market shop, but you can pop around the corner to their pub, The Rake, which is almost as good.

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May 10, 2016 in Mr Beer Man by T.A.O
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