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For this week's blog rather than talk about features on the site we thought we'd give you fellow computer users some friendly advice. The advice is... Don't "upgrade" to Windows Vista just yet.

We upgraded a few of the machines in our office and it's been nothing but a pain since. Machines that used to be very stable (well, as stable as windows machines can be) are now needing 2 or 3 restarts during a working day. We don't ask very much of the machines but they still manage to lock up after a few hours use. Bill Gates if you're reading this this is completly unacceptable - yes the new widgets and graphical elements look very nice but the system stability has taken a massive step backwards.

So, unless you like restarting your computer several times a day or you don't want to use any of the applications you paid for only 18 months ago then Windows Vista is for you. I'm sure Microsoft will iron out these bugs eventually but it would have nice if they could have done it before releasing the "finished version".

That's it for this week's All In London computer news :geek:

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Jun 25, 2007 in The All In London Blog by All In London