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Posted by Laurel on Sunday 25th of September 2011

One thing I love about writing this blog is the number of under-the-radar independent brands, spas, salons and shops I get to discover and share with my readers. One such business is Easton Regal, an independent salon quietly nestled in the heart of Clerkenwell, yet seriously worthy of shouting about.

Exuding luxury, the salon houses the latest imported luxury Japanese and Italian furnitue in it's vast gallery-like space. Established by Bryn Wilkins and James Kinnear, their combined experience of nearly 50 years in thhe industry ensures they know the meaning of good hair.

I paid a visit one Saturday afternoon, when the area is much quieter than in the week. A cup of tea and a brownie instantly put them in my good books, before I had a consultation with Sarah my colourist. After expertly assessing my hair (long...), its condition (not bad...), colour history (vast...) and what kind of colour I was looking for she brought out a colour chart and explained she would use a mix of two shades in a semi-permanent colour. Splendid. I then had a brief chat with Mel who would later be doing my cut about what I wanted from that - nothing drastic, though I change my hair colour several times a year I never really stray from the long and layered look...

Once my colour was on and developing, I shimmied across to the other side of the room and the in-house nail technician for a quick shape and paint - an excellent addition to the salon - before being rinsed, shampooed and conditioned whilst enjoying a massage from the chair. Lovely. Following an intensive conditioner was a treament I've never encountered before, the very brilliant Micro Mist - essentially it's like an old fashioned dryer that sits over your head, but instead of drying it dispenses steam for a seriously deep conditioning treatment. Warm steam first opens the hair follicles allowing the conditioner to penetrate, before cold air closes them again to seal in the moisture. Genius.

After my cut from Mel and one of the most fabulous blow-dries I have ever encountered (I asked for volume and bounce; she definitely delivered!) I left the salon feeling utterly pampered and determined to spread the word about the amazing experience. For such an amazing experience you would expect to pay through the nose, but Easton Regal's prices make it an accessible luxury!

For more information visit Cut and blow dry from £35. Semi permanent colour from £45. Micro Mist treatment from £30.

Love Laurel x


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