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Posted by AttitudetoFood on Tuesday 10th of April 2012

How often do you get a craving and consider it a real pain?! Whether it’s for salty foods, something sweet …caffeine, spicy foods …or maybe it’s something to relieve boredom …or a hug. Cravings come in all shapes and sizes which is why we often mis-read the signals and reach for the chocolate bar or chips to shut them down!
There’s good news though because cravings are actually our body’s way of telling us what it needs to feel balanced and healthy. In a word, they can be our friends. Usually, they come in two forms:

:: Physical …for example salt cravings can often suggest a mineral deficiency.

:: Emotional …the root cause might be a stressful job or an unhappy relationship but we reach for chocolate as a quick fix. Sweet treats are very unlikely to fix those things, instead we have to get to root cause.

One of the easiest ways to figure out what’s going on is to truly figure out why we’re experiencing certain cravings and one of the best tools to work with on this is a food and symptoms diary or food and mood journal:

:: What am I craving for?

:: How strong is my craving (on a scale of 1-10)?

:: Note the time of craving…

:: Is there something I could give my body that will nourish it more (than bread or cake for instance)?

:: What do I really need? Will food truly fulfill this?

:: How will I feel in five minutes, two hours or next day if I eat or drink what I’m craving right now?

Remember you’re in charge here. Following through with every craving you have isn’t a pre-requisite.

Here’s the first of seven little tips to help you on your way…

Tip #1: Clean up your diet. A detox is always a good way to draw a line on old patterns around food. It creates a new starting point and cleanses the palate too. Remember though it doesn’t have to be extreme, or expensive, rather a focus on a simple, toxin-free diet that gives your digestive systems a rest…

New Workshop!
If you're tired of having your cravings manage you, I'm running a Shake the Sugar Habit workshop on 14 May at
6.45pm-7pm at The London Healing Room, Oxford Circus. It's f.r.e.e. to attend, so do get in touch if you'd like to attend.


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