MUSIC & THE JUBILEE: Meet our representing soprano Laura Wright

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Posted by The Art Stop on Friday 25th of May 2012

Meet Laura Wright - she's the lady behind the Diamond Jubilee song Stronger As One and will feature on the exclusive Diamond Jubilee album, Sing which has been put together by Gary Barlow. And believe us when we say, you'll definitely be hearing a lot more about her!

At just 21-years-old, Laura is the current big name exploding from the classical music camp. Since being asked to represent the Diamond Jubilee with her song Stronger As One, Laura has performed at the Commonwealth Day Observance at Westminster Abbey and at the 2012 Commonwealth Awards, as well as getting a very special and rare mention during The Queen's annual message earlier this year.

Until recently, Laura had been waiting tables to support her academic work, but the soprano says her involvement with The Queen's Diamond Jubilee has undoubtedly changed everything and that it has been "an honour and a privilege" to work with such a prestigious and national celebration. Today, she can also say she's completed a nationwide tour with well-respected tenor Alfie Boe.

And there's no stopping this talented girl. Next week, will see the release of Laura's symphonic second album, Glorious and she'll be celebrating by joining Russell Watson on the Queen's Jubilee tour on Thursday.

Earlier this week, Laura took to the Jubilee Line in London to spread her music and start her very own Jubilee celebration - in fact, she entertained commuters well, creating the perfect accompaniment for a usually stressful journey through town.

And what you may not know is although Laura seems new to our music-loving ears, she's really not. Actually she was one of the UK's biggest-selling artists of 2011 - reaching number one in the Classical Music Chart with her frist album The Last Rose. Incredible.

Learn more about Laura and buy her new abbum, Glorious here:


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