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Posted by Debbylynley on Monday 11th of June 2012

When you visit London the first things you want to see are Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, the Tower of London and many more tourist attractions. Ofcourse you want to see as much as possible, and your stay in London is always to short. I have visited London many times and have seen lots of the tourist attractions. I must admit that I didn't see them all and I am not likely to as I don't like all the attactions London has to offer. The good thing about London is that it has things for everybody. From toddlers to elderly people, you can find what you want in London. Last March I took part in the Royal Marsden March. The Royal Marsden is a hosptial in London, one in Chelsea and one in Sutton. The Marsden March took over 4000 people from the Chelsea to the Sutton hospital. It covered 14 miles of London. It was the second time this event took place, and it was the first time I joined. The Royal Marsden hospital gives the best treatment to cancer patients, and their families. The Marsden March is to pay tribute to the wonderful staff and volunteers of the Marsden hospitals, but also to raise awareness on cancer and to raise money for the Royal Marsden Hospitals. The day was sunny and well organized. One of the other good things was that I got to see parts of London that I never saw before. It took us from Chelsea, through Putney, Wimbledon and some other area's to Sutton.

It took me little over 5 hours to complete the March. I had a lovely time and met lots of lovely people. It also made me see that there are more areas worth visiting. I have no idea if I will visit London again this year, but it made me look to other area's of London where there are things to see, or where to shop. I passed Puthney Highstreet and it had lots of shops. The tubestation is very close, so if you want to avoid the flood of people in Oxfordstreet, this might be your place to go. There are more area's that were not in the Marsden March that I would love to visit. Acton and Teddington are two of them. And Richmond is great too. It has some nice shops and a wonderful parc where deers run free. You can walk along the Thames, and even go to the theatre there. London will be very busy the next few months, as the Olympics are on their way. I hope that all goes well there.

I know that I will come back next year to walk another Marsden March. It will take place some day in March, so I have plenty of time to practice. I hope to discover some little hidden secrets in the unknown London area's. I do my best to find them. It always gives me a wonderful feeling when I discover something new in this big city, that never seem to sleep. I can't wait to see what London has in store for me the next time I visit.


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