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Posted by Debbylynley on Sunday 9th of September 2012

There are many travelguides on London and they all tell a different story. I have read a few of them and ofcourse they all told me about all the tourist attractions. Not all books do though. In the London Waterstones stores you find a whole section on London books. Not only do they tell about tourist attractions, they also tell lots of other things. You can read books from London authors, or about Haunted Houses and streets in London. The Waterstones in Notting Hill even have a section for that area. I found "Nothing Hill for dummies" there. I didn't bought it, but I thought it was funny. One book you should not miss when you are in London is London A-Z. It is not really a book, but a map of London in bookform. Last year I bought my second copy, and I am very happy with it. You can find all streets in a huge area of London in it. You can create your own walk or find tubestations, attractions, hospitals, shopping centres and much more. I find this book very usefull and always carry it with me. You can buy them everywhere, and in all sizes. I have the pocketversion, and it is very easy in use. I must say that I was amazed about the books about London. There are so many subjects you can choose from, and that can be a bit confusing. And to add more confusion, there are also a lot of wonderful photo books on London. Ofcourse the best picture you get is London itself. I love the scenery of the city, but a lot of people are only there on holiday, and then a photobook is a great souvenir. I think you can order them online as well. There are good sites from the Waterstones and Amazon has a lot of good books on London. That way you don't have to spend time in London bookstores, but you can read about what you want to see on your next visit. Happy reading and I hope the books are an inspiration for you to discover a London you have never seen before.


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