You can do it! Achieve your 2012 goals before Christmas!!

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Posted by AttitudetoFood on Sunday 9th of September 2012

Wow, how’d we get to September already?!! We all had the best intentions on January first and it’s so easy to set high standards for our new year’s resolutions and then life, work and stress gets in the way and before we know it, we’re creeping up to Christmas and how much have we actually achieved?

Ok so let’s get down to business: This year is flying by but the good news is that there’s still time to make a difference before we head into 2013, so if you’re not as far along the track as you’d like to be, here are three easy ways that’ll get you back on track and speed up momentum in a heartbeat…

Don’t psych yourself out by thinking you have to make huge hardcore changes
It’s the simpliest, tiniest changes that integrate easily and last long term. Those are the ones you want …no quick fixes or fad diets here thank you very much!

Write down your reasons for change, not just what you want to change
Then list three things you can do simply and easily to get you where you want to be. Keep that piece of paper close by; in a purse or wallet, on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, wherever it works for you, and review regularly.

Set aside 30 minutes every week to review and create your strategy for the coming week
When’s your craziest day and how can you plan around things so that you stay on track? How can you tackle the 3pm sugar fix when it hits? Yup, just 30 minutes prep time to think all of this through in advance and you’re so much more likely to build momentum and get there faster than you think!

Think of food as the most proactive form of health insurance …pay now, or pay later …why wait to get sick?

Changing our Attitude to Food changes everything…


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